Lego Education Centre


On Friday we went to the Lego Education Centre.The first activity was a building activty we made a marygoround.I was with Milly.I lernt a lot about gears. I learnt how the gears work I also leart that if you have a smaller weel then a bigger weel it will go faster.The next activity we did was were we used the same machine we just took of the lego people and there seats.Then we got a picture of a parrot and on the back of the card was a cage.We had to make it go so fast that we could see the bird in the cage.The next activity we did was a billy cart race we had to biuld a billy cart then we had to rase it on the ramp.We hade to put big weel on the back then see how fast that went then we had ro see how far it went with wait on the back,then we had to have both the weels and the weight.The farstest way was with the big weels and the wight.I do not no how far we got.The last actifty was programing. We had to program a dron to do mission in space.The fist mission we did was to move a saterlight to its place.We got to start our dron from weever we wanted it to go.We completed our first mission. The next mission was to get somthing to flip up. Ido not remmber what it was.To top that off we had to program a drons not just to go strigt but to also mke it turn.We got to promgram on ipads.for this actifty i was with Kate,and Milly.I enjoyed out day at the Lego Education Centre.I think we are going to do more work whith drons in class.I would love to go there agian.

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