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Scratch Session 5


In design we keeped on working on our project. I started my apple dropping game.I leart how to make my apples drop from the sky.I made a backet fro the apples to drop in and I made a line for my basket to go on. I progamed my basket to move on the line by me cliking the right and left arow. Iwill not continue with this game becaues I fogot to save it so I am making a bird game now.



I have changed my mind.I was going to do a apple dropping game but I have changed my mind.So now i am making flappy bird.As you can see I have done a bit.I have made the backroud for level 1(which is the on eyou can see on the top of the page) I have also made my flappy bird.

Scratch Session 5


For design we have to make a game I chose a game from scratch online this game is were you have apples coming from the sky and there is a basket , you controll the basket this your aros so you can chatch the appels.My gameis going to be food.This is a very simple game it is for more of a young aduencie.

Scratch Session 4

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In design today I contiued with my maze game I did heaps. Yesterday I only had one leval now I have 5 as you can see (the picture on the left).I also made made a pink square.The pink square is the thing that makes it though the levals I chose a square beasause it is simple and if I want to change it did not take me any time at all.On the right side is a picture of my programing.The top bit is when the green flag is click my pink square will go b ack to the start,for the X value it is -167 and for the Y value is 11. So what it dose is when I click the  green flag my square will go strate to the start or were ever you want.The next program is the main bit .It sayes when sprite 2 is clicked then is sates forever it the next bit is a like progreming type thing this is were I can click on my square and the square will folow my mouse. Then it says when toucking the blue it will say game over because the blue is the outiide of the track and it will also stop the game.Then it says when touching the red the red is the finishing line it will say you win and the you just need to press eather 12345 to go to the next leval and the at is all I have done.

Scratch Session 3

the maz game

In coding yesterday I made a maz game.On the side you can see that I have 4 different backrounds,they will be the levels for my maze game,(but I will make more).This is the maz that I will use for levels 1-4 because I will put holes in the maz to make it harder to win.I am going to program it so that you can control the litle box (which is like the main charchter) with your mouse.I am hoping to get heaps more done and make heaps more levels.I leant how to do all of this from tutorial 5.

Scratch Session 2

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Today we did scratch I learnt how to make your creations move.I made a game I do not no what it is called but its were you press the space bar and the ladybug gose around the track on the side you can see ther is a program thats how I made made the ladybug go around the track. I have learnt that you can make as many sprites as you want and I leanrt how to make levels and to make a maze I am so exited to learn more on scratch.

Scratch Session 1


In design today we did sratch these are the creates that I made the top on eis ment to be a chicken and the bottem one is a snowman.Fist you need to delete the cat the is in the white box.Then press the little icon that has a star and a paint brush when you click that the pait editor will pop up when you get that,you can press the circle and draw that on to the blank space if you click on the circle that is all black you get a all black circle and there is also a circle that is white with a black outline that is what I have used for both of my creation as you can see.If you want a nose like I have done then make your circle a ovle then press the tool in the same section as the circle tool,the tool that you want look like a hand touching and box then draw a box aroud the bit that you want so if you want to half it you start drawing from the middle.Then drag the half that you want and put it were you want.Ther you have you nose but you do not have to use that nose you can do maby a circle nose or somthing different.To do the eyes you just get the cirlcle and draw the siz that you want then get the black circle and you can draw a dot in the middle of the eye.I like using scratch and i am exited to do more with it I am hoping to make a anamation with some of the animals that I have made.

Rube Goldberg Expo


Today is the expo and our machine is going well we have had lots of people come and look at our machine and give us lots of feeback here is some of the feeback we got.Someone said that next time our rap should be longer,the next person said that we have to many dominos next someone said that it was a good idea and it worked pretty well. That is all the feeback that i remmeber.Fist someone sets the dominos of  the dominos hit the fist marble wich then hits the next 2 the last marble gose down the ramp and into the pully the pully then hits the next set of dominos and the last domino hits a marble and the marble gose into the cup.The cup has 7 marbles thats how many times its worked.

Building and Testing

In the last sestion of design we started testing our plan but we could not get the bleander to sart so we tried putting paper under the butten so the pipe could rest on it but that did not work so we did the same thing but with cardboard but that also did not work. So we thought the we could just change the ending (this was in the last 10 mins of the seation) but we could not think of anthing but then we thought we could get the marble to drop in a cup so we set up our machine and put the cup on the grouned and it worked!!

Bilding and Teasting

WIN_20160511_11_51_12_Pro            WIN_20160511_13_05_22_Pro

In design this week we have been doing our rube Goldberg machines. Our rube Goldberg machine is starting a blender.First someone needs to push the domino’s the domino’s will hit the  marbel and 2 more the last marble will go into the bucket and pulley the other bucket will lift and the pop stick Cain reaction will go of.Then we need to add a pipe and then put  the blender and all we have to do some more testing. I think that my group is going really well.

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