April 2016 archive

Pop sticks

WIN_20160422_12_29_46_Pro     In design this week we have been doing pop sticks .How to make the pop stick cain reation first get 2 pop sticks and make a cross then put one sick under the bottem right or left stick then you will have a An then reapeat this.The patten dose no work with the smaller sticks because it gets all crapet in the middle and its hard to make room to put your next one.



My favourite genre is Fantasy, school stories and humor.My favourite book in school stories is Alice Maranda. My reading challenge this tearm is to read a book from a different genre like family and friends.  I chose a book called Girls Best Friend.

Rube Goldbred Machines


In design today we continued working on our lego simple machines. This is my completed funnel ramp. How this works is if a marble is coming down from anather ramp using the force of gravity the marble continuing on it goes down into the funnel and down a paper tube.
Next the marble drops down onto the bottom track which is also made out of paper.  The marble  uses the force of gravity to go down the track and then joins onto another simple machine.

Rube Goldberg Machines

In design today we started building lego components that can be used to make Rube Goldberg machines. I started building the dominoe’s and the funnel run.  The dominoe’s were pretty easy. The first thing I had to do was the first dominoe which was four 2 x 1.  The next dominoe was four 3 x 1.  I  could not find any 3 x 1  so I replaced it with a 1 x 1 and a 2 x 1 and I joined them together by putting the second 2 x 1 on the 1 x 1 and one of the 2 by 1 the next dominoe the same thing the on emore layer. I have not finished the funnel run yet but I am close.  The last that I need to do is make the bottom track and the funnel. However  to make the funnel run work you  have to make a lego base this has a 2 x 8. When I tried to find that combination  there were no 2 x 8 so I replaced them with two 4 x 2.  Once I had found the new combination i got a flat lego piece to join them  together.  AFter that I stacked three  2 x 2 on the 2 sides and the I did the same thing that I did on the bottom on the top.  In the next session I aim to finish my funnel run.