March 2016 archive

Gunky Glue and Yarn Project


This is my yarn cup. I was really happy with how this turned out. Here is how to make a yarn cup. First you take some glad wrap and wrap it around a plactic cup and then place some mog podge on the top and on the sides of the cup . Now start wraping the wool in a spiral and keep doing this until you have the right lengh. You then place one more layer of mog podge all over the wool. It takes 2 days for your cup to dry. When it is dry start by cutting the bit of the cup that does not have wool on it like mine.  You will see how it has a space at the bottom, then  start cutting it until its all gone. Now cut the plastic inside the cup when thats all done start taking of the glad wrap off.  If the glad wrap does not come off from the bottom then just leave it because it might fall apart.  The sides of your yarn cup it will be quite squishy, do not be to rough with it because it can be fragile. I learnt that  if you double lap the wool it will not stick together and it will not work as well. I also learnt that if you start the swirl on your fingers and then stick it on to the cup it will be easier to work.

Pom Pom Creation


My Pom Pom creation, this is what I am up to I still have to wrap some more wool but I am going well..

This is how to make my Pom pom. You start by cutting a circle in a piece of cardbord. Then you cut another circle inside the other circle then thread some string around through the middle circle and keep on doing it untill the hole in the middle is full.  Then once its full you  cut  into the wool until you get to the cardborad and keep cutting until the wool it is all cut. Next take a piece of wool and wrap it in the middle and tie a knot.  Finally you tear out the card board circle and you are finished.




Maths 300

maths 300

Lately in maths we have been doing number charts on Maths 300. On maths 300 you can chose your level out of level 1, level 2 and exert. You also can change the grid size.You can chose between addition and multiplication. When I first sarted I found it quite hard after a while
I got the hang of it. When you type a number in the grid press enter and it will either go red or green if it goes green its right and if its red it is wrong. We have started to investigate how many clues we need to have when starting a number chart to be able to complete it.

k’nex bridges


For the last few week we have been doing K’nex. In the first lesson we were just playing around with the k’nex and seeing what works with what. It was interesting to see how all the peices work together. In the second lesson we started planing and making a bridges in little groups of about five or six people. In my group I had Will Hannah Leo and Oliver H. Our challenge was to make a one metre bridge that could hold 50-70 kg. We have made our brige one metre but we have to finished the sides yet. I think that we are going really well and I think that we can complete our brige in our next lesson. I really liked doing K’nexs it was fun and challnging I can not wait to make somthing different in k’nex.

My Pom Pom Creation


This is my teddy bear that I designed.  It is made from  four  pom poms –   the body, head and two ears. The eyes are pink buttons which has been threaded through white cotton. There are no arms or legs on my pom pom teddy bear  because I tried to do an oval however unfortunately it did not work so I had  to change plans. I cut the oval out but did not thread it until there was no gap.  I think I might have got a little impatient and cut corners.  Next time I will fill the whole outline in then I think it will come out correctly. I am still retty hapy with how it looks. It was a lot of work.