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Point and Shoot Cameras

Framing Leading lines Background Viewpoint Rule of thirds Balancing elements

Vlogs 1

Presenting your piece to camera This is my first vlogs post this year and it is about presenting your piece to camera. Hope you enjoy 🙂  

The Rabbit-proof fence

A helping hand Molly’s first reaction is confusion. It wraps around her mind like a cage, keeping her from moving. The trees in the background are where she really belongs. Although it will take just a few steps to get… Continue Reading →

Soma Cube



In design we have started sphero. The code is a lot like scratch and beetle blocks or even turtle art. You can choose to draw, which means moving the sphero along the lines you have drawn on your laptop (lines… Continue Reading →

Turtle Art

Turtle art This session in design, we switched from doing Beetle Blocks to Turtle Art. How are they different? The first main difference is that Beetle Blocks is 3D, and Turtle Art is 2D. There are other differences, such as… Continue Reading →

Beetle Blocks

Beetle Blocks In design we are doing 3-D Printing on a program called beetle blocks. Beetle Blocks is a lot like Turtle art, except it is 3D. In Turtle art, if you were to make a pentagon, you would use… Continue Reading →

Parts, purposes and complexities

At the very end of Term 3 we were asked to bring in an old piece of technology for design in Term 4. We were told that we were going to be taking this piece of technology apart so that… Continue Reading →

The Australian Islamic Museum.

On Friday the 13th , the year 5 students went on an excursion to the Islamic Museum of Australia, aka. IMA. There we learnt many things about the Islamic religion… I learnt that Jesus is a prophet and is not… Continue Reading →

Year 5 2019 school camp; the Grampians

On the 5th of August… The year 5’s left for school camp in Halls Gap, the Grampians. Camp was a huge success! Everyone had tones of fun. There were five different activities that we all got to participate in: High… Continue Reading →

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