1. I am enjoying enviro this term because we are studying the animals in our garden. Some lessons we even get to go outside to take a look at the nature around us. We are working on making food webs on power point to show our learning and what we know about the environment. I cant wait to do more.
  2. I am proud of my writing this term because during word study I can improve my vocabulary and find more descriptive words for my work. I am also learning to use more paragraphs so that the reader can understand my writing more. I feel like my work gets better each session.
  3. This term I am looking forward to plot to plate. I love cooking and growing food so plot to plate is really my thing. my plot is doing well too.
  4. I am working on my maths because I need to use more evidence. I also don’t feel like I’m challenging myself enough. Hopefully that can all change next maths lesson.