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May 2018

My scratch game programing

Here is some coding I did for my games on scratch. This is the coding for the main sprite. What do you notice about the coding?

Microworlds programing

here is my computer coding for microworlds

Maths 300 tackle your times tables

How many rows of 6 = 42 Can you guess? See the answer below Did you get it right?

My nankeen kestrel food web

This is my food web for the Nankeen Kestrel. Which animal do you like best?

My learning this term

I am enjoying enviro this term because we are studying the animals in our garden. Some lessons we even get to go outside to take a look at the nature around us. We are working on making food webs on… Continue Reading →

This is my wedgetail eagle title page

here is my food web

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