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Passion Project 2 #Description

What do you intend to create? I intend to make a series of mini clay models including models of waves, surfboards and other creative things that I will think of on the way. I was inspired by the NOOFIES and… Continue Reading →

Safety Precautions 4 SCIENCE!

SAFETY Working with glass test tubes The glass test tubes that we will be using are very thin glass. To be safe, we should keep them in the test tube stand when they aren’t being observed. If you are inserting… Continue Reading →

Tessellations on MINECRAFT!

In class we were asked to do tessellations on minecraft. Tessellations are shapes that fit together without any gaps or overlaps. These are my tessellations.

My Passion Project Update

My Passion Project – Surfboard Drawing With Posca Pens What have you achieved so far?  I started off with by sketching the drawings I wanted to do in my drawing book. I drew the head of the dragon that I… Continue Reading →


Green Screen


This is one of my Vlog posts. It is about the editing software, Adobe Premiere, where you can do some really cool stuff. Hope you enjoy it!


Shotgun Mics


This is my post for Wireless mics


This is my Vlog post for Royalty Free Music and copyright© Hope U like it  


This is a short video explaining zoom cams Thx for watching! 🍕

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