Parts, Purposes and Complexities

Parts, Purposes and Complexities

This is my parts, people and interactions of the school system.

this is my design of my calculator with its parts and their purposes.

This is the object i am pulling apart.

i have started to take apart my calculator, here are a few videos and photos.

As you can see there was lots of small pieces. All of those pieces helped make the calculator work even the number buttons. Here is a video of me explaining what most of the pieces are doing and how they connect with each other.

I noticed that everything connected to each other in some way. The letter keys connected to a rubber square that had bumps on it and when you hit the key, the key hits the rubber square then the rubber square dents in and hits a part on the memory board, (it depends on witch number or sign you push) and the signal go’s through the board and into a piece of plastic connected to the screen. the plastic has lines in it that send whatever number you push, up to the screen and the screen shows that number. The solar panel is there to give the screen power. The outer casing is there to protect all of the parts on the inside from things that could harm it.

This is my plan for upcyling.

Today I started putting the cat together. I used a bit of felt for the body and rolled it up. i also used buttons and pieces from the board to make the face. i used pieces of paper for the ears.

i used led strips for the legs and the board for the ground, i did not get any photos though.

I just started making the code, and i have 3 sounds being played when you press a button, a hiss, a meow and a purr.

I have decided that i am going to add a motor on the one where its mad and attach the tail to the motor, so it is like its lashing its tail.

I added the motor but i couldn’t get a video of it working because we didn’t have enough time.

I set the motors speed to 100 so that it would be fast.



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