LEGO robotics

in LEGO robotics me and dahlia made a catapult. the things we got stuck on was we couldn’t connect to scratch so we had to use Lego Mindstorms to code it. we both had no idea how to use it and I tried to make it do it five times and go back each time. I accidently made it do it infinitely and it wouldn’t go back when I pulled it back it just kept going I had to take apart the code so it stopped moving. my first time ever using it I just put 2 motor blocks on the thing so it went back and forth I didn’t even have a start block. then somebody told me I needed a start block so I just put one on. we also had problems with how it was working. when we tried it would reset itself lopsided so the ball of paper it was throwing just fell out. I fixed it by making it not go so far back on the way back.

now it is working fine and throwing tyres. on the video of it working it shows it throwing a tyre. on my code I made a few changes so it makes a noise and does it 5 times.

I did 2 different codes and this is my first one


this is my finished code.


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