mount feathertop project

Mt feathertop project.

in our project we are aiming to make a sculpture of mount feathertop and to teach people about its history with Makey Makey.

these pictures are of our planning, our code and our trees on the base.

we shaped and papier Mache our mountain.

we painted our mountain white and we will soon cover it with fake snow.



this is our finished project now we just need to set it up with the makey makey.

in our project we found it difficult getting the shape of the mountain right before we papier mached. we ended out using bubble wrap and scrunched up newspaper to get the shape right. another difficulty was when we had it hooked up to our makey makey we tested it and it was playing all the facts at the same time. we checked our code and we were sure nothing was wrong. the next day we came back and tried again it worked that time and we still haven’t found out what was wrong with it that day.

it is now working great!


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