Before we pulled anything apart we had to make a example of a system. The system we had to do was the school system. We had to explain the Parts, People and Interactions.

In “parts” we had to put things like classrooms, the oval etc. It was basically anything you could see. 

In “people” you had to write things like teachers, students, bus drivers etc.

In interactions you matched everything  from “parts” and “people”. Like teachers-classroom-student. Or something like bus-bus driver.


This is my radio diagram with all of its parts, purposes and complexities.








These are all of the part to my radio. I found it interesting to pull apart the radio and see all of its parts. There were a lot of screws to unscrew.


The tuning bar connects to a wheel (the tuning wheel). When you move it the line moves to tune.




The blue wire connects from the board (for power) to the antenna so that it works.






The red wire connects to the sound/speaker to the headphone hole.





You can’t really hear what I am saying but I explain that it is hard trying to get the screws off. I got the 2 screws on the bottom off. But the 4 screws on the top either don’t unscrew or I was using the wrong screwdriver.


I have decided to make a phone with Eliza. Eliza has brought a ruler/calculator o there a lot of good parts on it we can use. Like the buttons, screen etc. We have decided to use a Makey-Makey because we want to be able to use sound.

Up Cycling design:

We ended up adding 5 pins and putting the antenna on the left side of the screen. We also put on more “apps”.

In this video I am gluing on the “apps”. We have also glued on the buttons, screen and time (piece of paper with a digital clock on it).

In this lesson we finished gluing everything on. We decided to put on a wheel from the original radio. We put on 3 pins. 1 is in the middle of the 8 buttons (in the bottom right). The other 2 are in the top left corner.

We are going to record a news channel so when you press one of the pins it will play the recording. The other pin is going to connect to the antenna. When you press that pin it will make a buzzing sound. Like what you would hear if you were tuning a radio.


Coding so far:


Code 2 & 3:

The difference between these 2 codes is that the 2nd code has a “Stop all sounds” block. It helps using this block because when you press one of the pins (to play a sound) and then press another pin it stops the sound that is playing before it plays the next one.

This is the final code (I think):


I added 1 more sound. This is for the camera. We have 5 pins/sounds on our phone!






We added 2 more pins and moved 1 pin. The 2 added pins were put on the “apps”. The apps they were put on was YouTube and camera. The pin that was moved was the one that was on the back half of the radio. It is still going to be used for the “news” recording, but it was glued on the front half with the antenna.

This is what the phone looks like now: