My initial goal is to…….

My goal is to make a successful golf course that resembles a chess board. I want it to have 3 obstacles that are all made by chest pieces.


Here are the parts, purposes and complexities of my design:


This is the first iteration of my course’s system / explanation:


This is the first iteration of my golf course screen cast:

I was able to get these working by looking at my code again and again until I noticed that something was wrong. Then I realised that I had made a mistake in my coding.



My group and I started to make the base for our golf course. We got 2 recycled pieces of cardboard from the enviro. After that we started sticking the pieces together. We put cardboard over the gaps as you can see in the picture.

I have changed the coding for the 2 Gear motors. For the coding, I made it so the gear motor would stop and then continue forever.

This hut is an addition to our design. It has chest pieces all around so it fits on with my theme better.

Mini Golf timelap

se 1

Mini Golf Timelapse 2

(They are links because I couldn’t figure out how to make them videos)

This is my 2nd iteration of my mini golf coding. ^


This ^ is my 2nd iteration of my design.

We added a tunnel because we wanted to make the golf course harder.




This is my 3rd iteration of my code ^.



This lesson we have fixed up some of the felt that was sticking up and hot glued on some boxes to put under. We needed the base elevated so we can fit in the obstacles (gear motor, led lights).

The tunnel came off so we had to glue that down again. Also we glued on some of the chest pieces that have fallen off.


This lesson we have put our Gear Motors in place.

We put another box under the base and cut wholes in it. 2 holes were in the top, 2 on the bottom and 1 on either side. We cut the holes on the cutting mat with a Stanley Knife.

  • The 2 holes at the top are for the 2 gear motors
  • The 2 holes on either side are for the led lights and the USB cable
  • The 2 holes in the bottom are for the HB board and the battery pack

We put the HB board and the battery pack in holes so they didn’t move around and pull things from the top.

It was hard putting in our Gear Motors because they kept falling into the box below. We fixed it by cutting a small circle and then cutting an even smaller rectangle. We put the longer bit of the motor into the rectangular side and it stayed still there.




We put boxes under the course so it was even, so the ball could run smoothly.

We also tested the course and turned everything on. It went well except, when it came to the gear motors they weren’t staying up so we put some tape along both sides so it couldn’t fall through the hole.

We have finished the whole thing!

This is a video explain the points… ^

 White Chess Pieces: 2 points added

Brown Chess Pieces: 1 point added

(You also need to add up your number of hits as well)

It was challenging getting the obstacles in the right spot because the gear motor rings kept on coming off. It became very hard to get them to stay on and spin. With the LED lights, they couldn’t reach the 2 holes so we made another gap in the box so they could fit  in the hole.


Finished Golf Course ! ^