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Turtle Art

Purple Sun: I started by making a singular line. This is the code for it: Basically this code makes the turtle [Forward [30] and the [Right [45] which then if you repeat it enough, it will make a longer wiggly… Continue Reading →

Beetle Blocks

This term we are coding for a 3D printer. We are using Beetle Blocks as the code. Beetle blocks looks a lot like “snap” and “scratch”. It is a block based code. These are all the codes I have done…… Continue Reading →

Parts, purposes and complexities

Before we pulled anything apart we had to make a example of a system. The system we had to do was the school system. We had to explain the Parts, People and Interactions. In “parts” we had to put things… Continue Reading →


This is our coding for our Sphero to make a “square“: The first block starts on 0 degrees. Every block after it adds 90 degrees. 0 degrees 90 degrees 180 degrees 270 degrees This happens so the Sphero turns in… Continue Reading →

Chess Mini Golf

CHESS MINI GOLF   My initial goal is to……. My goal is to make a successful golf course that resembles a chess board. I want it to have 3 obstacles that are all made by chest pieces.   Here are… Continue Reading →

HummingBird (Bock)

  The Dr Seuss Hummingbird Challenge What type of creature might you create? What variables might you consider?   •        Can your creature move? How? When? How much? How fast? •        Does it make a sound? What sound?  When?  For… Continue Reading →

The Great Barrier Reef Project (MakeyMakey)

  In this project Tessa and I want people to realise how important and full of life The Great Barrier Reef is. The Great Barrier Reef is more important than people think. It is the largest reef in the world!… Continue Reading →

Micro:Bit Smiley Buttons – Rock, Paper, Scissors – Step Counter

10 block challenge

ME scratch

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