I had so much fun redoing my room i love how it looks and i’m proud to show it off to all my friends ;). I’m really happy with how it turned out and even after this project i’m still going to keep adding to my room. I love interior designing and maybe when i’m older it may even be my job!!!! I was thinking it would look a little different but i really love how it turned out! My editing deleted one part and I couldn’t save it or do anything so that’s why the start is a little blurry and not clear.


Brazil RVE

The past few weeks we have been working on our first country investigation to find more about places around the world, how they eat, awesome traditions, what they wear and more!


  • The population has a huge difference                  Australia – 24,772,247     Brazil – 210,867,954
  •  the most popular sport in Brazil is soccer but in Australia it is ALF
  • In Australia you will make 3.2 times more money


  • transportation
  • some have the same religions

What would i find interesting and challenging ?

I would love the Brazil carnival it looks and sound like so much fun! I would find challenging the food as i’m a very picky eater and i feel i wouldn’t like much of the food.

I loved finding information about Brazil i cant wait to research more places


Recently I have been working really hard on my room. So far I have done my bed (new bed head, sheets, pillow) and over the weekend – 18 to 19 august i have painted my room! That was DEFINITELY the biggest part of my project, it was also super hard and took a lot of effort and i’m super happy with how it turned out. I’m really excited for my next steps as i am up to decorating my room. I cant wait to see the finished product!!!


For this terms passion project I will be redoing my room! I’ve wanted to redo my room for a while now but i have never had the time to do it. This is a great opportunity to do so as there is a time line to get it done by. The way i will be presenting this is a video i’m filming on my phone and editing on imovie. I’m super excited to see the end result!!!

Related image

this is the room i’m inspired by.



I have really enjoyed making my film this term. I had no idea it would take so long to to start planning my script, but i really enjoyed the filming and editing process. I was really stressing by the end of it because my script to took me so long i thought i wouldn’t be able to film and edit, luckily i got the time to finish. I do feel this is a project because before i created this film by writing a scripted, filming and editing it didn’t exist, but next term i’m hoping to create something that i can maybe continue after i’m finish and many more ideas will come from it. I really enjoyed filming i had a lot of fun and same with editing!!! I really hope that my dream of being an actress becomes a reality because i feel all these little things i do along the way will all add up and someday i could star in movies!

Win At The Fair

At the moment in project maths we are making our own games to get money. Our games have to be enticing so people want to play. We started with a game board that was made for us, if that was a real game at the fair the owner  would loose a lot money. 6B called it the loosing game board because there was no way we could make a profit.

How to play:

  1. Roll 2 dice and add the two numbers together.
  2. See where the number is on the arrows to know where to move and move one space in that direction.
  3. Once you land on a prize the game resets.






This is the data we collected, we played 149 games, we payed out $346.40 and we lost $187.40 so no profit. 6B decided we should brainstorm for ideas to make more money, we came up with things like “Make an almost impossible jackpot seem likely to the player” or “Consider likelihood of dice combinations”. We started to put these ideas to action so we created our own game boards.

This is my game board I created, I am not entirely if it is successful and I would make a profit out of it.

This is my first result, I made a lot of profit but it wasn’t very enticing 


 This is my new game board if you where wondering it does not match the image above. I found that the $100 jackpot was loosing me a lot of money. so i changed it to $75 then $50 and i was still loosing a lot of money so i changed it again to $25 so it was still enticing and people wanted to play. On the left is the results


This terms passion project i’m making a film on my passion of acting! The way i am showing my passion is a film of different characters with different weird story’s, it will be a montage of monologues. I’m really looking forward to filming this as I will be in different locations with crazy fun story’s to work with. I think this film is targeted at people over the age of seven. I will be filming on my phone so it is easier. In the past we have had troubles with adobe premiere so if something goes wrong with that software i will be using i movie or a different one if possible.

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Look behind the packaging, know what you’re eating, just one kid at a time.

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk  was about knowing what your eating and the disgusting things scientists do. He said to never believe the bright colourful packaging even if there is a small little toy inside, I mean come on you don’t need a plastic spoon even its a bonus with a straw on the back. Your food could be doing more harm to you then you think so you always need to check what your eating and if its really worth it.

He did this super well by adding many jokes to connect to his audience, another thing was he had for each part he was explaining he always had an image to back it up and match his talk.

He did this talk very well with his powerful voice and messages.

always know what your eating and stay safe kids.

Richard Turere’s TED Talk

Richard Turere’s TED talk was very strong and powerful with the message of even if you don’t have a lot you can still  achieve something and change the world even if it starts small. Another thing that really impacted me was the way he said that violence cant fix problems it can only make it worse.


Some of the ways he easily got these messages across to the audience was the impacting images on the screen behind him, they where easy to understand and matched what he was saying.


All audience members where engaged as he went through his TED talk with humour, eye contact and with the help of the key images on the board behind him.

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

What I could take away from Thomas Suarez ted talk was how he included the messages of you can be any age to achieve any thing you put your mind to. It really got me thinking on what are the things that i can really make a reality. All audience members where engaged as he went through his TED talk with humour, eye contact and with the help of the key images on the board behind him. I noticed he used his iPad where i’m imagining has a few dot points on ideas he could talk about instead of a script. This was a really inspiring ted talk as Thomas is my age but already achieved so much.