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Term 3 Passion Project

For my Passion project I will be doing a cook book full of pig related recipe. I want to create this because I obviously love pigs. I will need ingredients and cooking supplies so I can cook my yummy deserts. I am looking forward to making my book because not only will I share the methods on how I did, but it’s also really tasty!

Related image


I achieved my goal for the passion project because I worked hard every day to get it done. Some of the challenges I faced where that when we thought we had finished it was hard to get the guinea pigs in and out so we decided that we would make a hatch for shade so that it would lift up like a door to get them out and close it for shade. I succeeded in making the structure for the cage to go in since I came prepared with all the things we needed. If I where to extend my project I would make it easer to move because the front sometimes blokes it a bit from moving so I think that I could fix that. I could also give them some more shelter.


I have finished my design of the cage and have ordered the cage to go inside the structure I’m going to make. I have challenged my self because I don’t really build many things for animals, but I really think that the Guineapigs will love it .I have faced some challengers with the design since when you move it and leave it where you want, it’s wheels will keep it of the grass. so I fixed this problem by making the wheels lift up and down. So when you move it you un clip it and then once you are done you put the wheels back up on the clip. The next thing I will do will be the structure and cutting out the bottom of the cage so the grass can grow through and they can eat it.





My passion project

For my passion project I intend to build a guinea pig cage. I was inspired to do this because I love and own Guinea pigs and their other cage is in need of repair and rather boring. I want to show people that making Guinea pig cages can be really fun and easy if you follow the right steps. The style I am thinking of doing is a ‘lawnmower’ so you can move it to different patches of grass. I am looking forward to the design part as I’m thinking of creating something cosy and stylish and have lots of ideas.  I am also looking forward to the building process because it will be fun to create something useful with my own hands.

Adobe premiere pro


Adobe premiere pro is a computer software program we are learning to use.

Editing is like killing your video and then bringing it back to life.  If you get stuck there are help tutorials.

Here are some of the names where the video will be made:



Effects panel


If you want to transfer a video or a music track you have saved from your files you hold ALT and press TAB together and it can switch into your files or you can drag it into your time line.

Once you’ve started you video, don’t move it until you finish the film because Adobe Premiere pro won’t know where it’s gone and you will have to go through a process to show it where it is.

When editing your video you can add in an audio track and if it’s not loud enough you can alter the volume.

when you watch this video please put sound track on because for some reason it did not work ( in my test film I cut off the 1234 ant the start )




Shot gun mics

Shotgun Microphones:

Quantity audio can either make or break your film.

Built in microphones are not very good so using a shotgun microphone will improve your sound.

Shot gun mics pickup all the sound behind you so try to avoid tiles and walls ’cause they can rebound the sound.

Always use headphones.

If you’re using HFD take off the cap, slot it in and turn it clockwise and then get a teacher to check it.

Our task was to record just with the inbuilt cam; poor audio and with the shotgun mic plugged in but turned off and then record with shotgun mic turned on and plugged in; this resulted in the best sound.

wirles microphones


In Mr Henderson’s clinic we learnt how to use wireless microphones and film with them.

The video above shows how the transmitter talks to the receiver telling it that the lapel or microphone are working so you can start your film.

The lapel can go on a tie, collar or attached to your clothing somewhere close to your mouth so that the audio is clearly heard even with background noise.

The standard microphone can also be used in the same way as the lapel mic as long is it placed under your chin.  You can see that the lapel mic and the standard microphone are working as it should be heard in the headphones or see it on the camera.

I learnt a lot from this clinic and it will come in handy throughout the year with film making.

For the 7th clinic we learnt how to get the right song to match the mood of our films with music and sound tracks. I you want to get a message across that is sad you mite put slow and soft music on , but if you need to get a happy or fun message across then maybe put up beat music. The task we where given was to go on to Bensound and to pick songs that we thought souted these movies…..


sorry I can not remember what this name was

star wars


The greatest show man




A summary of  important tips for audiobooths :

  1. respect the space, keep it tidy, no food allowed and only 2 people max
  2. no knocking on door allowed so as not to disturb the audio being created.
  3. to create a whisper step forward, for yelling or a loud voice step back and try not to touch the microphone
  4. to play back the audio created remember to take out the USB or it won’t work
  5. Adjust the microphone to the level of your mouth up and down but don’t pull out at the start of recording but then don’t touch it as it will add distracting noises to your audio
  6. Have fun!

An audio booth is where you can film or put a voice over in a video. It is a small space with good walls to keep most of the sound in and crisp. You need to respect the space since if you where recording out in your class room you would pick up background noise.