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Term 3 Passion Project

For my Passion project I will be doing a cook book full of pig related recipe. I want to create this because I obviously love pigs. I will need ingredients and cooking supplies so I can cook my yummy deserts. I am looking forward to making my book because not only will I share the methods on how I did, but it’s also really tasty!

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I achieved my goal for the passion project because I worked hard every day to get it done. Some of the challenges I faced where that when we thought we had finished it was hard to get the guinea pigs in and out so we decided that we would make a hatch for shade so that it would lift up like a door to get them out and close it for shade. I succeeded in making the structure for the cage to go in since I came prepared with all the things we needed. If I where to extend my project I would make it easer to move because the front sometimes blokes it a bit from moving so I think that I could fix that. I could also give them some more shelter.


I have finished my design of the cage and have ordered the cage to go inside the structure I’m going to make. I have challenged my self because I don’t really build many things for animals, but I really think that the Guineapigs will love it .I have faced some challengers with the design since when you move it and leave it where you want, it’s wheels will keep it of the grass. so I fixed this problem by making the wheels lift up and down. So when you move it you un clip it and then once you are done you put the wheels back up on the clip. The next thing I will do will be the structure and cutting out the bottom of the cage so the grass can grow through and they can eat it.





Birke Baehr TED talk

Birke Baehr talked about how he wanted to make a difrence with the things we eat and by. Birkes TED talk had a few mssages like how some of us just by things, but really know what is on them and what they have just been through. Another is to always know where your food came from witch is probly the same as the other one above. Also how the animals are stuck in cages only to then be eaten and how its not how you would think the animals where spending there time in cages. Also that were changing this problem one child at a time.

I found how he said “would you ether give your money to a farmer or a hospital” witch I found quite powerful. Also how he wanted to change what he wanted to be to a organic farmer to help the world. How the un organic farmers lied to kids that there’s was the  was the best.

Richared Turere

In RIchareds TED talk he showed us and talked about how his community had trouble keeping the lions away from there cows. one of His messages that he got across was that even though you may not succeed you keep trying. which meant to me that just because it may not have gone your way at first you have to work hard for it.

He got his message across to his audience by sharing some jokes with them to make them more engaged and more focessed. He also had pauses to let them guess in there heads what he would do to fix this problem.

He used a microphone for his voice to be louder and he also used a screen at the back of the hall (so he could see if the slide had come) and one behind him so he show how series and passent he was about it.

He used a clicker to match his slides with what he was saying.

Think online

When online you have to think before you put a bad comment or something you don’t want to be seen BY THE WORLD.


True is when you don’t lie about a person online. It can also mean that the people that see the comment and can think of them as a bad person.


if your not helping the person then you should not type or say it.


Will it inspire people or make them feel bad about themselves.


Is it to say something negative about a person.


Is it kind to post a mean comment that only hurts people.


Other words you can have

Trustworthy: to trust people to not put mean comments or post things you don’t want.

Hurtful: is this hurtful in any way to the person.

inclosve: are you including people.

needed: did you need to do that.

keen: would people want to watch this.




Thomas Suarez TED talk

Thomas Suarez’s TED talk was very clear that he wanted to engage more people in making apps because he found it fun. He spoke in a clear voice and changed his tone to keep us engaged. He barely looked at his script and kept his eye contact on his audience.  He also asked questions and made people laugh. By having a screen behind him he was not just able to tell you his story but show pictures to support his message. Since he was in a big hall he used a microphone to project his voice and used pauses and hand movements to keep people interested. He also used simple direct sentences to help prove his points and summarised at the end.

Overall he showed everyone that he was passionate about the topic and it’s quite clear to say all of us got his message!

My passion project

For my passion project I intend to build a guinea pig cage. I was inspired to do this because I love and own Guinea pigs and their other cage is in need of repair and rather boring. I want to show people that making Guinea pig cages can be really fun and easy if you follow the right steps. The style I am thinking of doing is a ‘lawnmower’ so you can move it to different patches of grass. I am looking forward to the design part as I’m thinking of creating something cosy and stylish and have lots of ideas.  I am also looking forward to the building process because it will be fun to create something useful with my own hands.

Adobe premiere pro


Adobe premiere pro is a computer software program we are learning to use.

Editing is like killing your video and then bringing it back to life.  If you get stuck there are help tutorials.

Here are some of the names where the video will be made:



Effects panel


If you want to transfer a video or a music track you have saved from your files you hold ALT and press TAB together and it can switch into your files or you can drag it into your time line.

Once you’ve started you video, don’t move it until you finish the film because Adobe Premiere pro won’t know where it’s gone and you will have to go through a process to show it where it is.

When editing your video you can add in an audio track and if it’s not loud enough you can alter the volume.

when you watch this video please put sound track on because for some reason it did not work ( in my test film I cut off the 1234 ant the start )