Birke Baehr TED talk

Birke Baehr talked about how he wanted to make a difrence with the things we eat and by. Birkes TED talk had a few mssages like how some of us just by things, but really know what is on them and what they have just been through. Another is to always know where your food came from witch is probly the same as the other one above. Also how the animals are stuck in cages only to then be eaten and how its not how you would think the animals where spending there time in cages. Also that were changing this problem one child at a time.

I found how he said “would you ether give your money to a farmer or a hospital” witch I found quite powerful. Also how he wanted to change what he wanted to be to a organic farmer to help the world. How the un organic farmers lied to kids that there’s was the  was the best.

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