Adobe premiere pro


Adobe premiere pro is a computer software program we are learning to use.

Editing is like killing your video and then bringing it back to life.  If you get stuck there are help tutorials.

Here are some of the names where the video will be made:



Effects panel


If you want to transfer a video or a music track you have saved from your files you hold ALT and press TAB together and it can switch into your files or you can drag it into your time line.

Once you’ve started you video, don’t move it until you finish the film because Adobe Premiere pro won’t know where it’s gone and you will have to go through a process to show it where it is.

When editing your video you can add in an audio track and if it’s not loud enough you can alter the volume.

when you watch this video please put sound track on because for some reason it did not work ( in my test film I cut off the 1234 ant the start )




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