A summary of  important tips for audiobooths :

  1. respect the space, keep it tidy, no food allowed and only 2 people max
  2. no knocking on door allowed so as not to disturb the audio being created.
  3. to create a whisper step forward, for yelling or a loud voice step back and try not to touch the microphone
  4. to play back the audio created remember to take out the USB or it won’t work
  5. Adjust the microphone to the level of your mouth up and down but don’t pull out at the start of recording but then don’t touch it as it will add distracting noises to your audio
  6. Have fun!

An audio booth is where you can film or put a voice over in a video. It is a small space with good walls to keep most of the sound in and crisp. You need to respect the space since if you where recording out in your class room you would pick up background noise.

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