My last design reflection


For one of my projects as a password door we were not very successful because the Arduino and code did not match and this means we could not complete it.the way we coded with Arduino is took a bit off the intent. and we had to fix most of the problems by going back and checking it again.


I now understand how to code with Arduino and that when something is pressed (key) then it will trigger something else to open the door, the door will only close when the same key is pressed. Also I under stand that you should not to big dreams because it might not get finished in time.


I could use these skills for year 6 as they do media and coding is a little bit lake a camera. I could also use them for year 8 create as there projects are just like this. as most jobs have technology it will help me get a job in the fucher.


I find it hard to see a Patten because for the password door we used Arduino and this means different coding and wires. one similarity is that both have LEDs that need a wire connected to the mother bored.


if I do another project I would like to do new programmes but also imbrace what I know and that


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