the vending machine


today I have started a new project. Cate, Grace I are doing a vending machine and putting MNM in side. the way it works is we will use the motes to open up a flap that will let the MNMS come out. this means there has to be a way to get them down and for that we are creating a slide for them to go down. we are also having a place for the money to go in and this is a small whole.


today I started on the project and I have started with cutting a card board box. I have cut  a hole in the ……

bottom: at the bottom of the box so the MNMs come out

middle: so you can put the fake money in

top: where you can dicied what coulers you want and they fall down

once fished that I started to plan on how the inside works. The way it works is we mite have a funnel a tube or a slide, but they will go down there to the whole at the bottom.


we have diced to use rubbers instead. we have gotten the humming bird moter to work and have made the place where the rubbers will be stored. they will be dropped down into a place hidden by a small curten so you don’t know what you will get.

 s: slot   c: computer  co: coins

with the humming bird moter we think you need to turn off the switch for ten seconds and then turn it back on for it to work.

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