the bombing of Darwin book response

During the time that we have read the book the ‘Bombing of Darwin’ I have learnt many things and life long lessons. Through-out the story the little boy Tom experiences the bombing of Darwin that happened on the 19th February, 1942.  Tom travels from the bottom of Australia to live in Darwin with his family.  His mother has a job in the Post Office and the father works on the docks.  Life seems to be going well, they like their neighbours and they have good jobs.  As the Japanese planes creep closer because they think the US airforce will be refuelling in Australia some people start to prepare for bombing by digging slit trenches whilst some believe it’s all a big joke.  Tom builds heaps of slit trenches for his school, houses and his neighbours.  One day when Tom’s mother and father were out working, the air raid sirens sounded.  Tom was walking along the street when he hear the siren and started running back to his home but someone pulled him into their slit trench.

After the bombs he went out to find his parents but a soldier told him the post office got a direct hit and everyone had died.  He still didn’t know if his father was alive.  Without knowing about his father he got sent down on a truck back to the bottom of Australia where he’d come from.  There he was looked after by his cousins, aunty and uncle.  Until finally after a long wait.his father appeared and looked very injured.  He had been recovering in hospital.  He said, he wanted Tom to be there when they visited his mother’s  grave and they would eventually revisit Darwin together.

I rate this book 4 out of 5 because it was very dramatic and it hooked me in but I thought that some bits were a bit boring as the book was talking about the same things.

The moral of the story is don’t to get more money when all you get is a broken family and because of the theme it was dramatic and another moral is stay together when you are in trouble.

Comparing the experience of Tom in The Bombing of Darwin to Amy in Who am I, in both the main characters couldn’t find their family members. They were both on their own. They both got sent to different places to live.

Contrasting, Tom was getting bombed and Amy was in the stolen generation.

Amy’s mother was still alive but she got taken from her family and so she wanted to try to find her way back to her mother whereas Tom’s mother was killed in the bombing. So he didn’t want to find his way back to his mum but his dad instead.

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