the password door

 Day 1:

This week¬†I have started a new project. Lexie, Bronte and I designed a plan for a ‘password¬†door’ so that if you’re an intruder and you say the wrong password to the door then an alarm will go off, but if you¬†know the password then the door will unlock. We are ¬†going to make a small door so you can crawl through it if you get the right password. We have decided that we will use Arduino to programme and move the door. As a group we have decided on what the door might look like and what you might need. Also we went and looked through the parts of electronics in tubs in the maker space.

Day 2:

Today¬†we got some inspiration by rummaging through an old¬†computer and getting to see what’s inside. We got the old key board and found keys to push back on it so we can use it ¬†in our project. We have changed the idea¬†so instead of a voice sensor we’re going to have a password key board that you can type on and if you type the right password then it will let you in, but if you get it wrong the same thing will happen ( the alarm will go off.)


day 3:

Today we have a DOOR. Because we now have the door we can get started on building the electronics.¬† But then we realized we can’t put the key board on ¬†because if we’re going to use Arduino then we have to get one of their special key pads. So we went rummaging through the Arduino boxes to find one. We ended up ordering one instead. there are a lot of things that have challenged us during all of this time is that we still have to order some things if we want it to work and how we can’t use the key board that we put back together¬†because it won’t work with the Arduino kit. Also that most of the pieces we ripped off the old computer we didn’t use because we did not need it and it doesn’t work with the Arduino electronics.

day 4:  

The key pad arrived yesterday and now we have started to build the things that will help make it do the actions we want. We are still missing a few pieces so we can only make some, so because of this we started the programming for it. Also we have now got the extra pieces they said we needed in the tutorial. We also found the electronic side to the password door to get it open and closed!!! Some things that have worked for our group it is that we have got half way though programme that is very long. another thing we have achieved during this project is we are keeping up with our time limit we set to get it done.


Throughout these first weeks doing the password door with my friends, I would say that you get a lot out of it and will use these skills for many things throughout life. I have learnt that you have to work as a team and discuss your problems before they get worse. I am hoping we get this project done because it is really cool! Next for this project will probably be to actually use it in real life or to get a sound sensor to detect your voice!


The password door part ||

day 5:

Today we have realised that we have to change some of the things that we have made with the¬†Arduino kit.¬†One of the things we had to change was the way the wires were put and the holes they were in, because the first lot of wires were wrong since we got a bit messed up with other things happening.¬† Also another thing that went wrong was we got confused about were to put a wire because there was all ready a wire there and then we realised we were watching to videos and one of them was the a video from before. during this we aticheved some things too, like that we made some more bits out of Arduino witch¬†is that we have….

. attachved putting  the servo motors wires in the correct holes

. we put more wires in the pin numbers

. and we have archived the smothering part of the project by smothering a Resistor to two LEDs.

It was a big day and we did a video log to show our learning in a different way. In the video log we included how we are going so far with the Arduino bit and the coding to make it all work and what has worked and gone wrong. we also explained what we can do to expand it and showed what the proses we went through was to get through it.

Some of our important ideas and considerations for the future of our door is:

We want to make a place to put all the Arduino parts that’s safe and close to the door were we can type the password in.

If the Arduino bit of the project doesn’t work, how will we fix it?

If we get the programme,  what if we want to adjust the programme for our own password?

We still need to get the programme and finish building the Arduino bit.

There was a problem where the soldering went wrong and we had accidently solderedthe Leds the wrong way around.¬† They wouldn’t go into the right holes. We fixed this problem by melting the metal and switching them around.

Our team is work7ng well together as everyone is contributing and learning new things.  We then describe it to each other.

I think¬†as a group we¬†have achieved our goal and exceeded it. As a group we have learnt more than we first expected by learn7ng from our mistakes and tackling problems¬† I think we have gone well beyond our standard but could’ve more achieved more if we’d put more detailed plans into our work.

last term  (term 3)

Last term we did not think it would work and the code was not working so the door did not open. This means that something in the code is wrong or the electronics, like a wire is broken or a wire is in the wrong place. this has affected our project because if something is wrong we will have to follow the same steps as before to figure out what the problem is. Some ideas that we still find important are that we want to paint the door¬†and we need to cut a hole through the wood on the side of the door so all of the wires don’t have to bend around the side. Also during the Expo we¬†discovered that we do not need the solder the¬†lights because all it does is turn red when the door is closed and green when it opens. We are very close to finishing the project but we still have so much to do. my aim for next term is to get the code and to open the door.

Day I don’t know¬† (term 4)


Today we were about to stop doing the password door when the code suddenly worked and we were excited to keep going. We think it worked because  we changed the code a bit and some how the motor started to move. So we decided that we would keep on going with the project and planned to drill a hole next to the door so all the wires could fit through.  We worked smoothly.

We borrowed a drill¬†to drill a hole.¬† We drilled 3 holes next to each other so they joined up and were big enough for the wires to fit in.¬† Then we had to fold the keypad up, stick it through the hole and secure it to the other side of the door. We had to take out the wires and put them back in to the correct holes again. We also decided to make a small shelf on the back on the door to hold all the¬†electronics so¬†it wouldn’t hang and break.¬†¬†¬†We then needed to attach the motor so we put string on the door and the end of the motor. After that we thought we should paint it brown and so that’s what we did!

week 4 (term4)

this week we have made a shelf out of  icy pole sticks because the sticks are . Small , easy to cut through and can hold some small weight. We cut the sticks ends off so that they slot into the gap under the hole with the wires.We used hot glue to stick it all together to make a stable shelf. Then we slotted it into the place it goes and made sure it was stable. this means that you can slot the shelf in and you can take it out. As a group we have learnt how to work in a group better and how to work an Arduino  in difficult places.


week 4 still (term 4)

today we cut the shelf because it wasn’t fitting in so we¬†then we cut the ends of the sticks but it got to short¬†and I tried to find sticky tape but there was none so I found to small bits of card board and put them on the end and pushed it into shape in the shelf. we had to get some help because it was not working and then we realized that most of the wires were in the¬† wrong place and I had to start again and then double check that. now it still isent working and my threy for that is one of the wires is broken or¬†the code is wrong.

16\11\18 Friday

today we have decided to stop doing the password door and are starting new projects. This is because the door can not work in any way and we have tried so hard but its getting to boring. I have learnt how to work as a group, use electronics, making things and how to present and explain to people what we did. these skills can help in the next project we do and we could be a bit less challenged.

over all we have alted and changed our idea from the day we started and have improved every day. sometimes it nay work and some it just won’t.

password door out!!!

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