For RVE we talked about the topic belonging and what it means. we discussed what it means and if your part of a group. there were three questions and you got in small groups and talked about the questions she told us.

  1. Are you in any groups?
  2. What other groups are there?
  3. is there a positive and a negative about the groups that you did or are doing?

Some groups that I’m in are dance, netball FLL. For other groups my group and I thought of church, sport clubs and even just work.  then we did the last question. we shared storeys about the good and bad things that happened our groups. My positive was that I joined a dance group and have done dancing for five years. My negative was that I did hockey with a friend but the friend would never come witch made me think they didn’t like it and so I left.

I have now more under stand the meaning of belonging to a group and how to make new groups to stretch myself with.

Belonging part ||

Still on the topic belonging we worked on what stress can make people do to try and be part of a group and how it can change our lives. So when we talked about this we got into small groups to relate our selves to our friends stressful problems that have happened. Also because it was R U ok day the next day we found some websites that show people that you don’t have to be the same to fit in.

here are some questions that were from before just neater….

Belonging Triple R-1wn5inc

Through-out all of this time I have learnt that you can never fit in because we’re all unique in our own special ways and because of this were all perfect and should not change just to fit in.🙂

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