Bloxels and Little bits

For this week in design I chose to build a game with bloxels. My group and I had an idea to make a pizza pig and the pig was trying to get to the pizza shop. We started to build levels and make sure that they will get harder and harder as you move on to the next level. Surprisingly we didn’t have that many problems with this task.

One small problem we had was we made one of the levels way too hard!  We could not get across so we had to change it so that you could use one ‘power up’ and then walk on the grass to safely make it o the other side.

During the building of the game:

After we had built it!

We made a pig character and tested all of the levels to see if they worked! By the time we had finished it and finally played a game of it the week was over and it was time to pack it all up and start something new.


I have learnt that you can make a lot of things if you just believe that you can do it! I also learnt how to build  words that you can play with and tamper. I think that I will advance this into my big project!!!



Little Bits


For this week I have now swapped to Little Bits which you can connect little bits of technology to make games and noises. My group and I built a digital tug of war game. We watched a tutorial on how to do it and followed the steps as we went. Soon we had finished and decided to make little controls and little characters out of cardboard.


We then moved on to another project. We decided to make a guitar out of cardboard (see below diagram) with notes and pitches on the electronic screen. The button at the top of the stem made a noise when pressed. The slider underneath the electronic display pad showed various patterns and colours as the pitches rose and fell. When you held the button down and slid the slider back and forth the result was hearing different notes and patterns on the display. Each position on the slider produced a different note when the button was held down at the same time. We found the right notes to match the song ‘Low’ by Jon Bellion!


The problem we encountered was that the program somehow deleted and the

notes did not match what was happening on the screen. And the screen then would not do the colours or the patterns we wanted.


My reflation

I have learnt that how to use the programme little bits and make something that works, and people mite want. I think that I have developed on my skills in programming and building.

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