Simple machines

In  design  we did ‘Simple Machines’.  Simple machines can be any object that helps a big machine in it’s process.We had to make 6 simple machines and show the meaning of each one.

Here are some….

A pulley :  A Pulley is a rope combined with a wheel and axle, so that when you pull down on one side of the rope the other piece you have tied to the other piece of rope go’s up.


inclined plane :  A inclined plane is  basically a ramp that has one end higher then the other to help something slide down.


A screw : A screw is something you twist around to go down or up.


A wedge :  A wedge is a stick with a sharp bit attached to the end so it can be used to either  cut things in half or to hold things in place so there is no movement.


A Lever :  A lever is a long tool with something on the end that you push under things to lift it.


a Wheel and axle :  A wheel and axle is a pole with a wheel around it. It helps move big or heavy things.

After we had made our simple machines we put them to use in an actual working machine.  I chose to make an egg beater.  The instructions were hard to follow but I finally got there with some patience.  The simple machine inside the egg beater used an axle and wedges.

this is my egg beater :

My egg beater has a wheel and axle as the  simple machine. the wheel and the axle make the cogs turn around, and the cogs are connected to the two beaters, and so they turn. if the egg beater did not have that simple machine then the beaters would not be able to move and would be useless!!!


I learnt that you should always read over instructions twice if there is something not quite right.  I also learnt what some of the machines are and how they’re used in real life!!!

I found this design topic was really interesting and I would like to learn more about it!





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