In this week we completed a task on kites and their angles. We worked out that you can compere the angles on the sides and place your degrees around that angle. We used this tactic in both  the micro worlds and the paper kites angles. When we did the first bit, which was the micro worlds, we had to make a kite by programming it to move the turtle around and making it draw lines as it goes.

Here is a snip of the Micro Worlds program….





Then we moved on to the paper kite folding part.  We did this by flowing steps and working together to make four kites and with four different coloured sheets of rectangular paper. After that we made types of angles out of the four kites.

Here are some I made….


straight angle


    [ middle} 90 degrees {outside} points are acute angles and in between points are obtuse angles

We also measured the angles on the kite by estimating what degrees each corner was.mine were 90 at the top, 110 in the middle and 45 at the bottom

what I learnt….

I learnt that the angles on a shape help you get the  estimate closer to the degrees. I will take this knowledge  for other math problems

watch the slide show!!!


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