This Term with MR McKie we have been doing Sphero. First we had to complete a small series of challenges based on Blox and java script.Block coding is were you drag a command block motion blok sound block variable etc. java is were you type the command such as (render: function)



My personal favourite

I personally liked the project that we did. It was interesting to see the Sphero work in water. I worked with Adam Hasan to create a boat that moved around in a small plastic tub. To create the boat we put two plastic lunch box lids together with tape and put the Sphero under 1 lid. I found it difficult to think of a design that would work. Once I finally work found one that work I only had 20 mins left to get some code done (unfortunately I didn’t finish the code intime) Here are some vids of it working with drive.



What I found challenging

The Blox Were easy so I got a shock when I found how it challenging java was. Just because there were always errors and by fixing those errors you would create more. I also found it hard to do long hours of just coding. Once java finally worked I videoed it working and took photos of the code.



What I could improve on

I think I could improve on trouble shooting a bit better because after about 30 different problems I would just give up instead of trying to fix it again. I think that this would have been better for productive time. (time usage)







What went well

I think that my project went the best because I completed it and learnt a lot from it
























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