Mini golf project

This term for design we were given the challenge to create something with any technology we wanted. There were 3 options the block, Toy story 5 or mini-golf. Harry Garland and Leon ho and I decided to do mini-golf. we are making an awesome coarse with a farm theme. It includes a river, a draw bridge, a barn and to top it all off a windmill. we are very happy with our plan and are starting the early stages of building. here is my design. Our goal is to create a mini-golf hole with multiple levels.

Our obstacles.

this is our windmill it is our first piece of was hard to make the structure because it had to be strong enough that it would hold the weight of the EV3 brick and the cardboard.

We used Lego technic to create the structure and will cover it with cardboard it is still a work in progress. It was hard to create a strong structure but after a few attempts, we got it right. Once we had it right we had to cover it in cardboard Leon and I did it in make a space.

This is our drawbridge. It will have a wooden base and no walls to make it even harder. The draw bridge will work by a large EV3 motor that will wind string Pulling the draw bridge up and down again In a three-second loop. it is covering a mini river That is cut out by a jigsaw. The code for the draw bridge was hard because we had to keep fiddling with the number of seconds the motor turns for.


This is our barn

                                   This is our barn it was hard to create the right structure size because we kept on getting our measurements wrong.

How we came to our idea.

We came to our idea by merging our 3 different ones. I thought of the farm theme and helped think of the obstacles. Harry thought of the bridge but I convinced him to make it a draw bridge. Leon has thought of a barn.

Our Jobs

our Lead coder is Harry garland I am the main builder and Leon is also a builder.

Why we think our obstacles are important

the barn. We thought that this was a very important obstacle because we have a farm theme. I especially like it because it is extremely hard to get through and looks quite cool.

The draw bridge and river.  I thought that the draw bridge and river were necessary because it looks cool and is an awesome feature that all farms need.

The windmill. we thought That the Windmill was important because it is a classic feature on a farm and it is probably our hardest obstacle and will look awesome!

Where we got our materials from.

Harry has brought in the wood witch is our base. He is also willing to bring in some more scraps for the obstacles.

I have brought our golf ball and golf club that is very necessary for actually playing.

A run-through of the track.

Here are some videos and photos of the track so far. It will be updated as we go along.

(the things that say cut are now cut)


This is our project 2 hours before the deadline



this is the final product




how we thought of designing our obstacles


The river and draw bridge. Leon thought about our river and decided that if we were having real water then we would use some tinfoil. we will stick it to the sides of the wood to create a mini Lake/river. The draw bridge I designed by getting a large motor and then making a very sturdy base so that it would stand.

The windmill was a group effort I made part of the Lego structure Leon and harry made the cardboard flaps.

were we want to go next with our project.

We don’t really have time for a second iteration so we decided just to make some outer obstacles. This includes sand bunkers and grass these will be hard to get out of if you go over the wall.

videos and photos of us building

does our system work.

Our system works excellent. it has no malfunctions and works perfectly every time we run it. It is simple but effective.

screencast of my code

The barriers for our track

we changed our mind from doing walls to rocks so now we will put stones on the line and hot glue them down.





What we could have done better.

We could have worked better during the time we were given because for the last 20 Mins of some Tuesday design sessions harry and Leon would just start editing KFC photos. But apart from that, we worked great as a team apart from a few little arguments😁😣

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