NBL project

My goal is to teach Australian settlers a sport That will be natural and one that they can learn. I also want them to be good at it and it will give them something to do an it will give them a job.


If I could do it again I would have made a makey Makey robot if its possible

this is the code for our gam that we made for people to play it didn’t take long to make but it took me ages to perfect all the detai

The forever loops help because it meant I didn’t have to play around wih number on the repat 10.

I struggled changing the numbers on the if then’s but found it easy to make the veariables

anther tricky thing was the numbers in the green block. But I found out from a firend that you don’t put in 25 you put in 15.

But now I thingk about it I feel about taking it to the next level of code. All in all I had a great time making it.










this is what our basketball court looks like we painted it in the art room so it would look more realistic.


These are some teams in the NBL that weren’t origininal



These tams are the more known teams due to there success


I could definitely use it again and try to pair it with humming bird or micro bit I had a lot of fun and a lot of frustration with Makey makey.

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