Martin Scuffins Amazing birds.

On Wednesday the 16 of may 2018 Martin Scuffins came in with some Amazing birds of prey. There  were some Amazing birds for instants a barking Owl, nankeen Kestrel and an a Australian hobby . He flew them to a perch then they flew back to him. He a leather glove so that  when they flew back there […]

rainy river time

On may the 11th of may we went to the Barwon river for a very slippery fun river time. It was pouring down and we were all exited and wet. I was running and super exited for a wet and slippery adventure at the Barwon river. I was carrying a small green ponding net for catching things. on the […]

Christophe’s story

My first book for book club was, Christophe’s Story by Nicki Cornwell I felt sad when Christophe  was shot because it was sad for him and it would of hurt. It was also sad when Mattie died and Babi because it meant alot to Christophe  and his family.  


haiku poetry chickens there small beady eyes find a spot on my body they’re going to run there is a couple of rules in haiku poetry there can only be 3 lines there is a syllable pattern line 1,5 line 2, 7 line 3, 5. Haikus don’t have to have a title. Haikus don’t always have […]

plot to plate

plot to plate   in plot to plate we had to grow a food garden. First we had to prepare our garden bed. we got an unlucky garden bed .it was filled with Lucerne. it took us 2 weeks to do it. the Lucerne was so tough we had to snip the roots. the people […]


maths In maths this term we have learnt a series of maths games my favourite one is beat the teacher all you have to do get a dice and roll it 4 times then try and get the biggest number possible  

Nim’s island

                                           NIM’S       ISLAND REFLECTION I PREFERD THE MOVIE BECAUSE IT WAS SHORTER AND JUST AS descriptive