Sphero   This Term with MR McKie we have been doing Sphero. First we had to complete a small series of challenges based on Blox and java script.Block coding is were you drag a command block motion blok sound block variable etc. java is were you type the command such as (render: function)   […]

Mini golf project

This term for design we were given the challenge to create something with any technology we wanted. There were 3 options the block, Toy story 5 or mini-golf. Harry Garland and Leon ho and I decided to do mini-golf. we are making an awesome coarse with a farm theme. It includes a river, a draw […]

lego robitcs

For part of this terms design sessions we are making a lego robots. I am working with Tom Neagle and Phoenix Hall. We started of by making a fast car but quickly discovered the structure was bad. here are some photos and videos of the build. this is my first iteration. this is the build […]

Hummingbird monster

for the next four weeks of desin we will be playing with hummingbird. we were given the task of making a monster that could do what ever we wanted. Phoenix and I decided on a monster that would fight crime. Here is how we are going so far. Here is a video of us showing […]

NBL project

My goal is to teach Australian settlers a sport That will be natural and one that they can learn. I also want them to be good at it and it will give them something to do an it will give them a job.   If I could do it again I would have made a […]