lego wedo

The dancihg bides were had because we had to going back to the sperparte box because we dintet have all the piecesfor the dancing birds. The progming was hard because we con not get the back grned . but it was very fun. the engery came out of the usb then traveled to the hub then to the moter then to the cogs then to the rubber bands with pauwed the auth bird.

the 10th river time

We had 3 activities to do. 4a started with sketching. I sketched a tree, it was very hard. Then we did some bird watching. We found a bee hive and we saw the honey comb, it was really cool and I saw a rainbow lorikeet. Then we went ponding. Alec and I used the big net. We caught lots of shrimp, we didn’t catch any fish.

the CD process

The day came for the CD launch I was nervous. We started to make our songs with a piece of writing called haiku poems. We gave our poems to Mrs Bell and Ms Lawrence. Then they made it into songs. We made three songs but we only performed one in the CD launch. It was very fun doing it.

In art we made mandalas, collages and drawings which went on the cover of the CD. I loved making it and I learnt that you can use anything in the environment to make your mandalas.


We can make a difference

Get plastic bags out of shops!! Use reusuable bags. You should see the massive piles of plastic bags at the landfill. It is disgusting how much plastic there is!. Today we when to the Drysdale landfill and they said we need to have no plastic bags because it is not good for the environment.


Remember to not use plastic 👌👌

Leap of Faith

The leap of faith was really hard to get up to the platform. There were little staples to climb on and when you got up there you jumped out to touch the balloon. The first go I touched it and the second I tried to head butt it but I failed.My legs were shaking, I loved it.



I wonder how long it took to be come Ceres?

I wonder if anyone lives there?

I wonder how much dirt they needed to fill in the landfill?

I wonder how many bikes they get?

I wonder how big the hole was?




I have been learning about how my place has  changed over  time and how Wathaurong people used to live here. I wonder how they had kids and survived in the bush. What did they eat? I wonder how they made a fire. I wonder how they made the spear sharp. What was it like 200 years ago? Were there houses? I wonder how hard it would have been.