May 9

Passion project

My passion project is photography

I am going to take photos of cows and covers and a Copple of sunsets I will only use mum’s camera witch is a canon eos 200d. I am planning to learn about lots of different things one of the main ones is learning how to use adobe a bit better and I can learn how to edit different photos. My project is targeted for people who like photography and people who want to learn how to take better photos step by step and people that want to learn how to use editing apps on a laptop. I am looking forward to everything about this passion project but it will be so fun seeing what I can do with the camera.

May 7

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

in birke baehr ted talk the main messages were: to know where your food is coming from before you bye it, eating organic foods from local farmers is great for health and it is beater to choose organic over processed.

some of the things birke talked about during his ted talk that i though were powerful was when he said, and that my friends is how we make a different one kid at a time.



May 3

Richard Turere TED Talk

Today we watch Richard’s ted talk. He talked about how his cows were being eaten by the lions. He didn’t want to kill them to stop them eating the lions so he made an invention which turned lights on and off. It looked like someone was outside which scared the lions away.

The main message was you don’t have to kill lions for them to stop eating the cows. if you think out side the box it will help to make something for the lions to not kill the cows.

he got his messages across by having good eye contact and not kip looking down at his scraped, he had some hammerer in it to kip the audience interested.

Richard used a bit of technical support like the screen to show his photos he must of yours a clicker to change the sliders, he had a head set to project his voice to the audience.

he yours his photos will so the audience new what he was talking about,and he also used his hands as gestures, pointing at the pictures and stuff.



May 1

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

Today we started talking about Ted Talks and what a Ted Talk is. we listened to 3 year 7 talk from last year and discussed then. then we listened to Thomas suarez talk.

The main messages of Thomas Suarez’s talk was any one can make apps. it is not easy to find anywhere to make a app. because app are new and teachers did not make then when they where young

he got his messages across really well because  making funny comments and telling you how he made the apps and what they were about.

The support he used was apple iPad and that help hi if he got stack and did not now what to say, a clicker to move slides so the audience had a better idea of what he was saying and a microphone to help project his voice louder.

Some ways that he presented his work well was focusing on making eye contact with the audience instead of always looking down at his script, he would change the tone of his voice so the audience could tell if he was serious or not, Tomas was constantly matching his face tone to his voice tone so that the audience had better understanding if he was serious or not, like he wouldn’t have a happy face when he was being serious, And he would describe everything he said in his presentation really well.

February 20

royalty free music

Today with Mr g we learnt royalty free Muise and getting the right music.