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I know this is late. But i have decided to make the footy clinic my passion project. I am going to film some parts. I have already organised it, and it is at lunch time today. I can’t wait!

Chad and Australia Comparisons

DOC070918-scxhlx Click on the above to see my poster. In RVE we were given the task to make a double page spread about a country of our choice. I chose Chad which is a country in Central Africa. Some differences… Continue Reading →


I haven’t been out yet because the water is to cold. We are thinking of heading out in 2 weeks time. Where we can do all the filming. Plus a bonus exploration suprise clip.

OOTW Space Habitats

Here is Linguini Moriaty Wojinski’s plans for furture Mars habitats!

The Lost Princess

Charlotte has made a friend on the internet. Even though she doesn’t personally know him, she trusts him. Charlotte gets up early every morning to use the family computer to message him. But when Charlotte is alone he asks her… Continue Reading →

Term 3 Passion Project #description

For my Term 3 passion project i will be making a video of my brother, dad and I braving the cold and snorkelling at the Clifton Springs half mile pier. I will show the audience some of the creatures you… Continue Reading →

Passion Project #Reflection

I kinda nailed what I thought I was going to do! I started off with the surfing idea but that wasn’t going to work. So I turned to footy. It was hard to find a time to film but I… Continue Reading →

Digital Netiquette

In digital citezenship we learnt about online etiquette. Here are some definitions of words that can describe Digital Etiquette that we learnt from a Tim and Moby video. Flame Wars: Online “wars” started when people start being rude to each… Continue Reading →

Win At The Fair

In project maths we played a game called Win at the Fair.  In order to play you needed 2 dice and 1 counter. When you rolled the 2 dice you might get 5 and 3 (example), so you had  to… Continue Reading →

THINK Online

In Digital Citizenship we are learning how to be Kind, Courteous and Respectful online.

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