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Melting Pot

The Melting Pot was written by Christopher W Cheng. It is about a boy called Edward (Chek Chee) who is half Australian, half chinese. He has to put up with lots of Racist Taunts from people around Sydney. Especially his cousin… Continue Reading →

Origami Fraction Pinwheels

Yesterday we made Origami Fraction Pinwheels, we had to fold sheets of paper into the pinwheel. I found the folding part hard, but with the hep of some friends I got it done. 14/6/17 Today we had to make our… Continue Reading →

Micro Worlds

Session One. Today we got to muck around with micro worlds and make some shapes, I made a circle. Take a look!   Session Two. Today Mrs Watson told one of the students to stand up and be our turtle…. Continue Reading →


Today we had to figure out all the angles in a Kite. Me and my partner figured out quickly all the angles. The bottom acute angle was 45 degrees and the top right angle was 90. We realised that 90… Continue Reading →

Lego Robotics

Session 1. Today we started Lego Robotics. At first i thought robotics and programming would be hard but I later realised that it isn’t after we learnt what a Psuecode is. You can not tell a robot to take one… Continue Reading →

How A Fidget Spinner Works

Watch the video to find out how a fidget spinner works!

Simple Machines Sessions

Session 1. In session one we got to learn how to make pulleys, I was only their for 10 minutes of the session though, because I had a lesson. Sadly I didn’t get to build anything but I did get… Continue Reading →

Who Am I

Who Am I is now my favourite book. I thought it was so good to read a book about the aboriginals and how they were treated. I learnt a lot about Australia and how we don’t like to talk about… Continue Reading →

Rube Goldberg Project

  Session 1. Today we started our Rube Goldberg projects. Our aim was to get a piece of paper in the bin. We had to get into groups of three all people from different classes. We also were asked to… Continue Reading →

Angles Investigation

Today we went on a learning program called Maths Pack 1. We played 2 games called Random Angles & Angles on a line. I only played Angles on a line and I really enjoyed it. What happens in the game… Continue Reading →

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