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In Digital Citizenship we are learning how to be Kind, Courteous and Respectful online.

Passion Project Update

I had my uncle take some photos and i am going to get a family member to film at training on Monday. I will then film a bit of the game on Sunday.

Passion Project Description 2

Sorry, this is late. But i am changing to do a video of local footy channel 7 mock. I will get interviewed and have a passage of play in the video. I will also be filmed at training and there… Continue Reading →

Passion Project Description.

I am thinking of doing a video teaching people how to surf. Surfing is something i love and a passion that i would love to share with everyone.  I will present a video to the class of me at the… Continue Reading →

Birke Baehr TED Talk

Birke Baehr wants to let people know that processed food is bad for you.  He said that he wanted to be a NFL footballer but now he wants to be an Organic Farmer so he can help the world. A… Continue Reading →

Richard Turere TED Talk

Richard Turere created an invention to scare away the lions that were killing his family and friends livestock. The invention flashes lights around the livestock’s pen to scare the lions away (because Lion’s are scared of moving lights).  I think… Continue Reading →

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

Thomas is talking about app programming and making apps.  He tells us how he want’s to teach kids how to make apps. As of the time the TED talk came out he was running an app club, where friends from… Continue Reading →

Point and Shoot Cameras | Film School

Sorry about the vid going 1 minute over time!!!!

Royalty Free Music | Film School

Green Screen Clinic | Film School

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