October 21

Passion Project Term 4 #update

For this terms Passion Project, I am planning to do one helpful thing  for each of my family members. I am doing this because of all the things they do for me, it’s time for me to give back….


For my Mum I am going to help weed the gardens and plant new hedges or flowers because she has been trying to do that all year but has been running out of time. She also wants tomatoes in by Melbourne Cup day…


My dad loves to cycle so I am planning to help him clean out and customise his “man cave” in the garage or help clean or do work on the house instead of making him do it.


For Charlie I am thinking about being really kind to him, jazzing out his room, and customising his skateboard…

In the end my main goal is just to make my family happy!

September 20


I am happy with how my dog listened and cooperated really well with me. I have started to know Sunny way better because I have been playing with him more and stopped playing online games. Sunny has actually made me play more than watching t.v and playing games. I am really happy that Sunny has stopped ripping up things because without him being trained it could have got bad. Sunny has started to give things back when he takes them and he also loves to give big sloppy kisses.

Sunny still sometimes goes a bit silly, but he is a dog so he doesn’t know everything. I am planning to carry on training him even though the term has almost finished. I have had tons of fun because Sunny has a great personality and loves to play with me.

I think that I will carry on training him to do tricks because I love him a lot and it will make him a better dog. I am planning to train him tricks like rolling over and playing dead when he is a bit older and his mind is more developed.

I hope you enjoyed my Passion Project!


September 6

RVE – Colombia

For RVE we were assigned to make a double page report on a country. I chose Colombia and I would like to present to you what it’s about.

In Colombia is based at the northern tip of North America, there are a lot of different styles of food and music up there compared to Australia. They have the same food products but use different food combinations to us.  There music is more of an Indigenous American style which is called Cumba. Spanish is the main language of Colombia.

Colombia’s seasons are also different to ours. In the middle of an Australian winter it is sunny and hot there. Soccer and Martial Arts or boxing are big sports in Colombia. They also have some well known footballers such as James Rodriguez.

Most Colombian’s religions are Christianity with %79 of them being Roman Catholics. They have some similar clothing like a lot of people in the main city’s wear business suits but near the coast its light, baggy, and colourful clothing. They also eat pork, beans, rice, meat, and many more foods that are in Australia.

The Colombian flag also shares blue and red in their national flag. There colours do have different meanings but they are still the same colours!

I would find Colombia pretty interesting as there are a lot of street dances and songs. The food looks tasty and the clothing looks cool! There are also good surf beaches on the coast which could be good tourism. It would be difficult to learn their languages and different weather dates. Also their different celebrations would take time to understand.

August 26


What have you achieved so far?

I have been able to bond and play more with my doggo because I have focused more on playing and teaching him tricks more than usual. Sunny is starting to improve on giving things back instead of running away with them. He also hasn’t been running around ripping clothes.

Sunny will sit and wait for 100m and then when you call him he returns to you!

 What type of learning have you done to upskill yourself?

I have researched a lot about how to train dogs to do tricks.

I also know Sunny’s personality well, so I can train him differently, so he understands better.

What successes or challenges have you experienced so far?

Sometimes Sunny listens to my instructions but other times he completely ignores me. I think it has got to do with his mood during the day?!?

Sunny gets naughty and starts too play games with me.

He is starting to sit more when you tell him to and he also gives things back instead of running away!


What is the next step for you?

I am planning to train my dog proper tricks now because so far, I have been playing with him and making better friends.

August 15

The Lost Princess

The film was about being aware on who your are talking to on the internet, and to keep your private information away from the online world.

The Lost Princess: 

When you are playing interactive online games with other people or players you should always be careful who you make friends with. You should always tell your parents when you start to feel uncomfortable talking to someone. You should always keep your emails and passwords secure so people can not log into your account.







When playing online games you should always be aware of how long you are playing on them for. Being addicted to something like gaming can be unhygienic as you are constantly sitting down and losing sleep. Keiran quickly got addicted to playing games and even when he promised he would stop, he didn’t.

As Keiran was online for so long he was losing lots of sleep. Gaming also took over his life and by dropping out of school at fifteen years of age his life was going downhill. You should always tell an adult to help you if you are addicted to something. 

August 5


What’s adorable, soft, and happy… and sometimes naughty?..


Hi, I’m Sunny the 9 month old Labrador. I love the beach, walking, chewing,. and eating. I love to discover new things, but I don’t understand why my owners sometimes get upset with me. I was only taking the car keys into the backyard to play with them. I didn’t know you needed your school shoes or your footy boots!

My loyal friend James wants to teach me some tricks to keep me entertained. He reckons he can get me to do some pretty gnarly tricks. Ha ha! Good luck with that.

Here is a sneak preview of me with my teddy, Teddy. See ya soon! xo S

June 17


Did you achieve what you originally set out to do? 

I am very happy with my final film for my passion project. Most of the videos I wanted at the start of term where recorded and inserted into my film! There were only some minor problems with my surfing films but that didn’t effect the outcome of my film. I really enjoyed filming me skating the most!

What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project? 

A lot of the time when I went for a surf the waves/swell was not that good and the days it was good i forgot to film so I didn’t really get many clips of me surfing. Some of the videos were filmed hand held on a phone so when i put them onto i-movie I had to crop the videos. Luckily a few nice warm days came along throughout the start of winter so I got a few good clips up at my mates farm!

How did you overcome the challenges? 

I simply cropped the phone filmed videos so they fit the whole screen. I also decided to not use clips of me carving a wave as they weren’t that good.

How can you extend your learning if you were to continue with this project?  

Lately the surf/waves has been really windy and messy so its not really surfing weather/waves. If I was able to have longer to wait for better waves, my film would be better. Also, the closer I got to the end of the filming process the weather worsened. I would also be able to make my videos more cinematic and not as shaky.

June 7

Win At The Fair

Lesson 1

For the first Win At The Fair lesson when we played the losing game board I noticed that the board was losing a lot of money because the biggest prize had a really high chance of winning or getting chosen. The largest prize was on the sides closest to the start and because most of the dice numbers when rolled made the counter go to a side (left or right)


the $5 prize had a really high chance.


By the end of lesson 1, our class had played 149 games and gave out $336.40 worth of prize money. That meant our class had lost $187.40. Our next challenge was to make a game board that if it had 1000 plays ($1 per play) we would want to earn $300 which means we only give away $700 worth of prize money





Lesson 2

Our next challenge was to make a game board that if it had 1000 plays ($1 per play) we would try to earn $300 which means we only give away $700 worth of prize money. We also had to make our game enticing so people will still play the game without thinking they are losing their money or that the game is rigged.

Lesson 3

For my creative game board I changed the dice rolls around so the most common rolls went to the lowest numbers. I added two $0.50 coins to the middle of the board and put the highest prize which was $5 at the top of the board. I played this board a few times but it wasn’t that enticing & I also lost a bit of money.

Lesson 4

I decided by making a game board that would let you earn a lot money but was also enticing, I should make a really high jackpot but make the dice really hard to roll on numbers that went in the direction to the jackpot. In my first game board I made I did some testing to see which numbers the dice landed on the most. After a lot of testing I had figured out the dice numbers and put them on the up arrow. I put five of the most common dice numbers on the up arrows. Next I put really low prizes on the top of the game board. So now the lowest prizes had a high chance of the counter landing on them.

I tested my first game board and out of nowhere I had earned $482.80!


May 27

THINK Online

The THINK acronym is about how you should behave online. It uses words that describes a good Digital Citizenship.

Before you post a message or post you should think if it is appropriate to send.

 T:Is it True? 

Before posting anything on social media you should always think “are you telling the truth through this post?” You could be pretending to be someone else without their permission.

H: Is it Helpful? 

Will your post help make social media and the internet a better place? Whatever you are posting consider thinking about whether it is going to help someone. Sometimes it may be a waste of a post that probably doesn’t have any interesting things about it.  Will this post help people change their opinion on something or someone in a bad or good way?

Is it Honest?

Is your post lying about a person? Before posting you should always think what you are doing or saying to people or in a post. 

I: Is it Inspiring?

Will it influence someone to go and do something you recommend? May it potentially be offensive to some people? Can your post inspire someone to go get outdoors and adventure the world? 

Is it Inappropriate?

Should people be seeing this message or image? Does it contain rude language?

N: Is it Necessary?

Does your text message or post really matter? When you want to send someone a message or post something on Instagram is it important? Will it catch peoples attention? Who will want to read your post or message and should they be seeing it?

K: Is it Kind?

Is your message or post kind and helpful to someone? You should always be kind to people no matter who they are or what their differences are. 

Being a good Digital Citizen means we should interact with people just like we do in the real world by being kind. In the Digital Citizenship session today I learnt that everyone does make mistakes over the internet. We should all learn from our mistakes and be a kind person. Everyone should be talking to others nicely just like they do in the real world. Just because you might be anonymous while sending a message doesn’t stop cyber-bullying over the internet.