April 23

TED Talks | Birke Baehr

In Birke Baehrs TED Talk he explains how processed foods in our supermarkets can be harmful to our body’s and planet earth. He talks about how chemicals on our fruits can leak into the soil and poison our water supply.

Birke made a few humorous comments about the problem to make his audience more engaged. He talked very loud and clear so that the audience knew he was serious about what he was talking about. Birke used a lot of photos in order that his audience understood what he was talking about.

He used a projector so the audience could see the photos clearly that he was showing. Birke also used a remote/clicker to change each photo or slide on the projector.

Birke used a very clear and loud voice. At times Birke would talk too fast but he would slow down his speech when he was talking about a key point.

April 23

TED Talks | Richard Turere

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Richard explains about the problems in Kenya about how the lions are killing their land stock (most commonly cows) That meant that Richard grew up hating lions as they were annoying to the cows. Richard wanted to find a way to stop the lions sneaking into the cow sheds at night without him having to stay awake.

As Richard explained his story he used a lot of images to show a more visual explanation so the audience can understand what he is talking about. Richard also used some jokes to make his audience more engaged and entertained. Richard would sometimes laugh or smile kind of like a queue for the audience to do the same.

Richard used images from a projector so that the audience could understand his story more visually. He also used a wireless microphone so the audience could hear him better.

The photos he used were very strong and meaningful that made his presentation have more emotion. Richard gave very good eye contact to the audience so they knew that he was focused and cared about his presentation. He clearly practised his script as he didn’t have one on stage. Richard used the space he got on the stage by not just standing in the same position but walking around as he talked.

Richards TED Talk had a very clear and strong message. He used good presentation techniques to make his audience engaged and entertained.





April 17

TED Talks | Thomas Suarez

Thomas explained about how making an app is more difficult than an average hobby. Now more kids want to make apps and they don’t know how to because most parents or adults have not made apps as they are a new part of technology. He explained that he had a lot of encouragement from his teachers and parent etc.. Thomas has created at his school a group for kids to learn and create apps with each other.

He showed his messages in experiences that he has had through making apps and that it is an uncommon thing to make. Also through humorous ways such as making jokes. He kept eye contact with his audience very well.

Thomas used and Ipad that most likely had dot points of key ideas that he could explain. He obviously didn’t have a script as he constantly had eye contact with his audience. He also used a projector/screen that showed his apps.

He spoke very confidently making eye contact with his audience. He also made a few “Jokes” to keep the audience entertained. He clearly didn’t use a script and that made him talk more naturally and fluently.