Passion Project

My Passion project was remake a doll that belonged to my mother when she was a child. So far I have; bought the materials, calico, fabric pens and stuffing and  have sewn the pieces and stuffed them. Today I am planning to sew a few of the parts together.

To sew the limbs I went to a friends house and used their sewing machine. I found that quite hard but fun.

Yesterday I stuffed the parts and they look awesome!! The doll is looking a bit like a Mirka Mora doll, which is good.

A few days ago I sewed up the limbs and sewed the head on the body. I found that really hard. I also sealed the limbs and they were ready now attach to the body.

Today I sewed on the legs and arms onto the torso and it is looking awesome.


I made a dress out of a silk dress that belonged to my mother for her and I have named her Emerald or Emmie for short.

My successes where, well ,making the doll and the dress, sewing the parts and gaining knowledge!! The challenges were realising  that we had to use a sewing machine and making the dress..

I think I achieved what I originally set out to do and perhaps more. I did not think I would make a dress though. If I were to redo the doll I would use a sewing machine for all of it.

I really enjoyed my passion project and got a lot out of it!!

Passion Project

This weekend I started cutting out the pieces for my doll’s limbs and sewing one of the legs.

What I have achieved so far is;  I have planned how to make the doll and purchased the materials. The materials are; calico (for making the doll’s body), eyes(to use on the doll), stuffing ( to stuff the doll) and fabric pens to draw the doll’s face on the fabric.

Recently I cut out one half of the doll’s head and drew on it. I used the pens to draw the mouth, eyes and eyebrows. When I screwed the eyes in they looked a bit cross-eyed so I had to redraw the eyes a bit bigger. In the first picture you can see the head along with the paper cut outs and in the second picture you can see the calico cut outs along with the paper ones.

In the third picture there is a sewn leg without stuffing. I did that today and it took about 40 or so minutes. I also made a calico mini bag that buttons up…for a test run for the sewing.

I think I have improved my sewing and can do a little bag in about 10 minutes.

My success was probably cutting out the pieces and sewing the bag. My challenges where that my Mother and I didn’t really know how we were going to put the doll together and just tried to copy the original doll. However our sizes were a bit out of whack because once we sewed up a leg, it ended up rather small. But we decided we were on the right track.

My next step is sewing that rest of the limbs and connecting them. I think I will be able to do it as long as I make the limbs slightly bigger.







My passion project was to make a doll. I got the idea from my Mother’s doll from when she was 5 or 6. Her babysitter made it and then my Mother gave it to me. I am hoping to improve on the original in this project. Making this doll is something that represents a passion of mine that I discovered last year, which is hand- sewing. I really love it so I wanted to test my skills.

To start the project, my Mother and I undressed the doll and measured out the parts (arms, legs head and torso) so now I have a template to make the doll. I am planning to hand sew it but if I can use a sewing machine I will.


I have got together my materials, which are: calico, fake eyes, stuffing and some fabric pens. The next stage will be cutting the calico into a pattern so that I can sew them together to start the doll. This project is aimed at probably me because I don’t think any one else will use it. But if it succeeds then I might make more dolls for homeless or people that want them.

Birke Baehr TED Talk


Birke Baehr’s TED talk was about food. Most importantly, healthy food that’s good for you. He really emphasized the point that most foods have herbicides and pesticides and a whole lot of other chemicals.

I think the main messages or takeaways are: Know where your foods come from, Would you rather pay the farmer or the hospital? and try to change one kid at a time!

He had really powerful messages or just phrases, the most powerful where probably (this on is mentioned before) Would you rather pay the farmer or the hospital? that other farmer’s call Joe salton a “lunatic farmer” because he doesn’t use herbicides or pesticides!! And that the combined fish DNA with tomato DNA!


He researched really well and I liked the subject he talked about.

Richard Turere TED Talk

Richard Turere’s TED talk was about how he helped his community, even his country with lion’s killing cows. He was expected to look after his fathers cows from the lions so he tried to think of a way to scare them away.

He put his message across by using eye-contact and also implied messages. He got it across to me my the latter and I really liked his story’s, and thinking about it he also got it across by his story!

On the subject of messages I think they were, keep on trying even if it seems hard, if you were once scared of something if you try to understand it you might not be so scared, think out of the box and whoever you are, where ever you are from, you can make change.

I think his technical support was the clicker to change the pictures and the pictures on the screen, the screen show pictures to help him. He might of had a telemeter to help him with his script

I think he used really good techniques like, humour, eye contact, a interesting story and a good subject. He really entertained his audience by cracking jokes at the right time and not to much humour. His story was really good, even if I couldn’t relate to it.

I really enjoyed his TED talk and entertained me a lot!

THINK online


The Acronym THINK encourages kindness on the internet and communicating correctly. As you can see above the picture has Twitter, Snapchat, Message, Blog, Facebook and Tumbler.

The T stand’s for True

True, I think the True means that whatever you are posting or commenting that it should be true, before you post or comment a lie to delete it.

Helpful, The H means that before you post it or click the button ,think, will it be helpful? Because whoever it is directed at, if it will hurt them then make it help them

Inspiring, if the post is not inspiring or is demoralising then change it to be inspiring or at least something that’s not going to harm anyone

Necessary, is it absolutely necessary, meaning, must you write it or post it. if not then DON’T!!!

Kind, is it kind, will it hurt anyone? If so then rewrite it or just don’t do it at all

Word’s that could replace the H  are harmful, hurtful.  A word that could replace the N are nice


Thomas Suarez TED talk


Thomas Suarez’s TED talk was about his passion, which was App Developing, It seemed that he was really passionate about the subject. He really wanted to get people into app developing and showing others that you can do it, with the new technology around

His TED talk was really good because his technique was good and he interacted with the audience in his own way, which was cracking jokes as he went and making them laugh out loud. With his presentation, his visual was just a picture of two of the apps he had created.

Thomas had a I-pad in one hand and a clicker in the other, he used his I-pad for the script which he referred to whenever he needed. He used his clicker for, well, changing the one image!

His message was, at least this is what I thought, is that kids can be teachers, that you can make apps, as long as you know where to look. Thomas put his message’s across by sometimes actually saying them or just implying them.

I think his TED talk was really good and he really put his message across. Even though I wouldn’t want to do App developing it sounded cool.