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sacred pear tree

  writing Sacred Pear Tree This term we have been focusing on haiku poems. This is my first one I published: Hanging by a thread, Will it survive any longer? It is not yet ripe.   I chose to write about the pear tree in the Enviro garden.  

Plot to plate

Enviro plot to plate In Plot to Plate we grow vegetables in the garden and early the next term we will pick them and use them to cook pizza and salad. I’m in a group with Maeve, Olivia and Alex. We are growing carrots, sunflowers and marigold. It was thrilling when we planted the plants….

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pop stick investigation

Maths Pop stick investigation In the pop stick investigation Mrs shier poured a massive pile of pop sticks in the middle of the room. My “guesstimate” was 12006 but I was far off with the exact number being 7607. Lily C was the closest being 7605 only two off. We bundled them into tens then…

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Nim’s island

Reading Nim`s island We are reading the book Nim`s island by Wendy Orr as our class novel. So far Jack (Nim’s dad) has gone out to sea and got hit by a storm. Nim and Jack are writing to each other and Galileo the seagull delivers them with a bribe of fish. Nim is at…

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river time

River time I was using the massive net Fergus was holding my back. I ran back to see what I caught. I told Millie to grab out the fish she saw it and she screamed so loudly that I dropped the net Millie yelled out to everyone “Lilli caught a fish” everyone ran over and…

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Nim`s island reflection

I preferred the movie because it had more detail in some bits and I understand  it more.

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