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The Australian Islamic Museum

Through out this term we have been learning about different religions. So on the 13th of September year 5 visited the Australian Islamic museum.  We learnt different thing about there religion like the five pillars. Shahada the belief that there is only one god. Salat you should pray 5 times a day facing mecca. Zakat…

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Camp Reflection

On the 5th of August all of year 5 for got on bus ready for camp!! It was a four hour bus trip and it was beautiful I saw cows,goats,sheep,kangaroos and emus. my first activity was archery and bush cooking. In bush cooking we made cinnamon apples and damper on a stick. We had a…

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Resilience Talk

We had a talk with Martin Heppell his three main points that he shared with us where gratitude, kindness/empathy and mindfulness. The gratitude part was all about being happy for what you have like a little boy went to a school with the only resource’s  being a map of the world and a map of animals….

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Mini Golf

Holly and I are making a kitchen themed mini golf hole. Our first iteration is to make three different obstacles a chopping knife using a servo motor to move it, a sink using a vibration motor moving fake water that the ball will go through. A fridge that will open when the distance sensor sensors…

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Surviving Sydney Cove

I have learnt that when the first fleet landed in botany bay they stayed for less than day but it was unsuitable the dirt was to sandy, the trees had hollows and they would have to do to much clearing so they moved to Sydney cove. On the first fleet women and kids where not…

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A Banner Bold Book Review

                Setting (Ballarat, 1854) a brief description of what Ballarat was like at the time In 1854 Ballarat was very harsh, the government didn’t care about any miners and their families. Every think was really expensive, and most people didn’t have much money because of the gold licences…

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Australia on trial

The video was about a trial against 13 miners so far john Joseph a miner that people said that he shot and killed one of the soldier but he was found not guilty. Timothy Hayes was next he was convicted for high treason but after a lot of arguments he was found not guilty. The…

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I made all of these out of squares you repeated a square the more it looked like a circle.               

The Eureka Flag

  We are reading a Banner Bold in class and we have just read the night the flag was made. 165 years ago, /1854 L.t Henry Ross [a Canadian miner] designed the eureka flag to unite all the miners as one, which was first used in the Eureka rebellion  at Bakery Hill. The reason Henry…

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This is the front of a micro bit. It shows the different LED’s when you press button A, button B, both together or shake. This the back of a micro bit. the first button is to plug in a USB to connect it to you computer. The second button is turn the front side blank….

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