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micro bit learning

this is my 1st micro bit code ever! it was hard to start of with but now i have got the hang of it.

This is the micro bit home page as you can see the kids on the front made watches with them. Hear is a video of my magic 8 ball project. When you shake the micro bit it says “ask a question then comes up with an 8. Then you can ask a question then it come up with an answer. The 2nd thing I made rock paper sizers. You can play with your friends by saying  rock paper sizers wile shaking the micro bit then it comes up with an answer.

makey-makey instrment

Makey-makey drum set design

this is my design for year 5’s Makey-makey musical instruments 🙂


this is my Makey-makey programming!

debug it 2.0

debuging Scratch

Today I worked on 5 scratch projects that had some slight errors which I had to fix.

Please click on the links below to see the finished results and then choose OPEN to view the screencasts.








my story in scratch

this is my story that I made on scratch


today 4b watched Oddball .I enjoyed It because it rely recounts our year I laughed at the bit wen jack said” wow these things rely do go off accidently”. it was sad when oddball got shot with a tranquiliser dart.Image result for oddball

my student led conferences

Student led conferences-Harry Mclean

Writing- colours

I chose this  piece called colours. In writer’s workshop you get to think of an idea by your self so its very independent.

I enjoy this task because you get to think of your own seed, and get to see what your class mates think of it, I also like to publish because you get a a4 piece of paper and get to have fun with it . 

I found this difficult to find out what idea you should choose, I found it hard to edit my work because I loved it so much, I also found out that it takes a lot of effort.   

I learnt not to repeat the same words a lot in my writing. I also learnt that you need patience to come up with a good piece.

Maths-fraction posters

This is my equivalent fraction poster for maths we  do a lot of numbers like for time there is a lot of numbers

I enjoy this task because you get to make a poster full of equivalent fractions, and you get to design your on fractions that are the same as.

I found this difficult to think of equivalent fractions that are different, also you have to learn all the factions up to 16 and what’s the same 

I learnt that there are lots of equivalent fractions out there and how to tell which fractions are equivalent and what is not

Enviro -William Buckley

This is my William Buckley  this task because we got to watch a movie as well as remember all the information to make a power point.

I found this difficult to find out where William went but I  found out where he started and where he ended   

I learnt that William Buckley was the first non Aboriginal to live with a tribe and he was a convict


This is  my scratch game I enjoy task because we get to create our own games and come up with crazy ideas we also got to chose your own colours and create your own characters

I found it difficult to find the rite code I also found it challenging because EVERY THING NEEDS TO BE PERFECT!

I leant how to make a maze game . I learnt about different coding commands and what they mean


I like this task because you get to practise your discus skills

I found it difficult to get the same amount of squats

I learnt that you cant do your best on your first go 


My maze game

Here is my maze game. Today I learnt how to use the forever  and if commands . If sprite 1 is touching black go to start.

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