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kites investigation 2

kites investigation 1

aussie foods Makey-makey project

i did the Makey-makey Australian foods project so when you hold the earth and touch the food it tells you a fact/facts about that particular food.

this project is about the culture of our Australian snacks the aim of this project is to teach kids and people from other countries about our foods we have hear i think it is important for people to know what foods we have hear in australia befor they come here. I think I could use this again when a visitor is over from another country so they can learn some information. we made it by getting cardboard  and pins and connected the Makey-makey and know it works really well.

Vegemite Facts

The formula is kept a secret

Like many iconic food brands, Vegemite keeps their exact recipe a fiercely Guarded secret

 It’s name was picked out of a hat

To drum up the publicity around their new product, The Fred Walker Company launched a nationwide competition to name it ahead of its debut. Hundreds of submissions were collected and Walker’s daughter pulled the winning entry out of a hat. The coiners of the name “Vegemite” were awarded $50 prize.


Arnott’s Facts

For 150 years, Arnott’s has been baking quality into our biscuits using finest ingredients. From sweet to savoury, chocolate to fruit, indulgence to simple pleasures.


Tim Tam Facts

Aussies eat 45 million packets of Tim Tams a year

Tim Tams went on the markets in February 1964

They were named after a horse after it won the Kentucky Derby in 1958



Bunnings Snag

At Bunnings you find in the carpark the most Genuine Snag of all time.



Fairy Bread Facts

Fairy Bread is a piece of bread (preferred white bread) with butter spread with delicacy and coated in sprinkles.


Chicken Parmi Facts

The Chicken Parma is most known for its Parmigiano cheese.



Milo Facts

Milo is a powered flavouring that is put in hot or cold water or milk to make a chocolate flavoured drink. Milo started to be produced in the great depression to help children get enough nutrients into their diets.


this is my design in my book.

I loved making this project  and I am now doing humming bird

I found connecting the Makey-makey hard  because we had to hear witch fact  was witch.

I also found it hard to get facts about the foods

micro bit


this is a BBC micro bit and this is a move mini. Me and Oliver  programmed it to move in a circle . we also put a pen in it so it could draw. this term I have learnt heaps of stuff about micro bit and I cant weight to go on to the next thing. me and Oliver are working on humming bird micro bit it is really hard.

micro bit learning

this is my 1st micro bit code ever! it was hard to start of with but now i have got the hang of it.

This is the micro bit home page as you can see the kids on the front made watches with them. Hear is a video of my magic 8 ball project. When you shake the micro bit it says “ask a question then comes up with an 8. Then you can ask a question then it come up with an answer. The 2nd thing I made rock paper sizers. You can play with your friends by saying  rock paper sizers wile shaking the micro bit then it comes up with an answer.

makey-makey instrment

Makey-makey drum set design

this is my design for year 5’s Makey-makey musical instruments 🙂


this is my Makey-makey programming!

debug it 2.0

debuging Scratch

Today I worked on 5 scratch projects that had some slight errors which I had to fix.

Please click on the links below to see the finished results and then choose OPEN to view the screencasts.








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