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Checkpoint 1: #description

What do you intend to create? I am going to create digital drawings of famous people using a drawing software. 

What technologies are you planning to use / learn about? I am going to learn about how to use the software that I am going to use it is called “procreate” it is use by a lot of digital artist that can just carry their devise around . I will have my dad as a mentor to help guide me on the right path because he is a graphic designer a cotton on.

Who is your project targeted at? I am going to target this project at people who love art and famous people. Also it shows people that you can turn a small drawing into a big print and also a collage of different people.  

What are you looking forward to? i am looking forward to learning about the famous people i am drawing  and research about their life.  

Insert an image that ‘teases’ your project idea to us. Watch This Artist Make A Photorealistic Finger Painting Of Morgan ...

40+ Best Drawing Apps and Art Apps for 20208and24 - TikTok Challenge Videos | Tokvid TikTok Viewer

Year 6 Science What Is Matter

Today The Year 6 cohort learnt about Matter.

You might be asking what is Matter??  Matter is everywhere on the earth and universe anything that takes up space is matter.

If you where on the moon your weight would be 16.5% compared what you weighed on earth this is because the moon has a different surface to earth. weight can change where you are but your mass would stay the same way which means the shape of   your body would not change even if you where lighter.

All matter is made of a substances called elements. All elements are made of units of matter called atoms.

here are the 5 elements


liquid We've Now Been Able to Probe a Cloud of The Fifth State of Matter ...



and Bose- Einstein condensates which is an element that was man made in 1995 that is just one big atom it is -270 degrees  which is very close to absolute 0 which is -300 degrees.


Also all matter has volume wither you can see it or not so that means air has weight so elements have shape space and mass.

You can see a solid because it has mass and has a definite volume and its atoms are tightly packed together 14 | May | 2014 | Liquids & Solidsliquid has mass the atoms are further apart Wikijunior:Particles/Print version - Wikibooks, open books for an ...and gas will take the shape of its container and the atoms are far apart The Ideal Gas Law | Physicsat the end of the lesson we had to put some things into categories

not matter                                                                  matter

sadness                                                                        batteries

fire                                                                                  tomato sauce



I hope you learned something because i know i did.



Chemical/Physical Change:

Today we learnt about Chemical/Physical change

our first  experiment  was burning a piece of  paper Mr G started my crunching it up then he ripped it up then he burnt it. When he was scrunching it and ripping it it was  physical change because it was the same form but when he burnt it was impossible to make the same again so it is chemical change.


Chemical change: is a process in which at least one or more substances are used together into one or more new and different substances.


Physical change in which the form of matter is used but one substance is not transformed into another so it stays the same.


Then we did a quiz to see what answers we would get here are a couple questions:

water loss due to sweat  chemical   physical

cleaning your teeth with tooth paste  chemical physical

sun tanning  chemical physical

We also learnt about the safety for our experiment tomorrow

like no breaking the test tubes

thank you for this amazing experience loved it!!!

Checkpoint: #update

  • What have you achieved so far? 

I have tried to attempts on making the fishing  lure out of resin but both tries broke so i have made it out of wood. I have Carved the wood into the shapes I want and  have also done the base coat of the paint so it will be ready to paint the details

  • What type of learning have you done to upskill yourself?

i have learnt how to manipulate clay and I have also learnt how to cut wood and carve wood in the way I want it to look like. I have also learnt how to properly use spray paint that i used for the base white coat

  • What successes or challenges have you experienced so far?

I have succeeded it getting the materials I need for making the project I was able to carve and sand the wood so it would look like the drawing that i had originally drawn. I was struggling when it came to making the resin lure because I have never made something out of resin and have never made a mould for something so it was really hard

  • What is the next step for you?   (Insert an image that shows evidence of your process so far.)

The next step for me is to paint the fishing lure, add the weights in the bottom, line and hook ties, glue the eyes on, dipp the lure in clear coat to make it water proof then add the hooks on then fish it.



In my last film school lesson i learn about green screen. Here is short video on what i learnt.


In my #10 film school lesson i learnt all about the cool app Adobe Premier Pro. Here is a video on what i learnt.


Shotgun Microphone

In my #9 film school lesson i learnt how to use a shotgun mic. Here is what i learnt.


Wireless Microphones

In my #8 film school lesson i learnt about wireless microphones. Here is a video on all the cool stuff i learnt.



Royalty free music

In my #7 film school lesson i learnt about royalty free music. Here is a short video on what i learnt.


Greatest Showman


Star Wars


Shot List And Storyboard!!

In my #6 film school lesson i learnt about shot lists and story boards. Here Is a short video i all the cool stuff i learnt in this amazing lesson.


Zoom camera!!!

In my 5 film school lesson I learnt about a zoom camera. Here is a video on what I learnt

Here is a video of my friend saying a tongue twister using a zoom camera.

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