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P.P #Reflection

This Project was so much fun i got to put my very own website up on the internet. i learnt some very cool things that i could use later in life like putting up a website and other things like… Continue Reading →

Building views

In project maths we started a new project called building views the aim of the project was to see different things in different perspectives the first sheet we were given was a sheet of different grids and would have to… Continue Reading →

Digital Citizenship The Lost Princess-Kieran

Today we watched a short film about what the internet can do and about people who try to hack you and stuff like that, there was all kinds of different short clips of different people who had different things happen… Continue Reading →

space habitat

passion project #update

for my passion project i have worked on our website so we can start to sell our t-shirts now we need to finish the final details before we put the website up this has been really fun and i have… Continue Reading →

Passion Project term 3 #description

This term i am going to continue with More than Nothing and our goal is to put our website up and start selling our t-shirts we will take orders and give out the t-shirts we will be contacting the screen… Continue Reading →

Passion Project #reflection

Passion projects where great it was so fun being able to work on my cousin and i’s business, our original goal was to sell some t-shirts but we came across some challenges along the way so we decided we needed… Continue Reading →

Win at the Fair

First we played the original version to see if this game was profitable and see if our school would make any money so the class played 117 games and the result wasn’t profitable and in the end we lost about… Continue Reading →

Tim and Moby Digital citizenship

this class we learnt about how we should be careful what we put online and think before posting,texting or emailing here is a quick video of what me and Jono learnt.  

Think Online

In triple R we learnt about the think acronym that you need to do the following before texting, tweeting and posting. I think that the t = True because that if it is not true and dishonest you shouldn’t send… Continue Reading →

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