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I have bought the wood and have cut it up. i have done a diagram on how it is going to look and i have measured in out. and in the next couple of days i will be flattening it out with machinery.


I intend to design and construct planter boxes then plant seasonal vegetables in them. I will use a iPhone to take photos and videos and then put it into a video.It is targeted at anyone that wants to build things and grow their own food.I am looking forward to creating the planter boxes with my dad the using certain tools.

Year 6 science – what is matter.

In inquiry we did science. we learnt about matter and atoms and a bit about the moons.

What is matter 

Matter is everywhere and it takes up a lot of space and all matter is made up of substances called elements. There and 5 states of matter on earth. All matter has volume in weight. there is atoms in matter.The 5th state of matter is a man made matter and the 4th state of matter takes up 99% of a universe. The 1st 2nd 3rd state of matter are the most popular on earth.

  • solids
  • gas
  • liquids
  • plasma
  • rubidium


A solid is made up of hips of little atoms touching each other. A liquid has not as many atoms not touching and gas has not close to as many atoms as a liquid and they are really spread out.


A solid has mass. Has a definite volume it has a definite shape and atoms are tightly packed witch helps them to hold there shape. 



Lesson 2

Chemical and physical change.

A physical change is nothing new is formed might look or feel different. A chemical change is something new that is formed it might be a solid a liquid gas.



I have film all of my parts and i am going to edit soon.

I have learnt how to use a video camera and premiere pro.

Next i will edit.

Six squares

Challenge two

Here is the shapes that i got for my 2 x 4 grid.

Here is the shapes that i got for 3 x 3 grid.

Here is the shapes that i got for 3 x 4 grid.

Here is the shape that i got for 2 x 3 grid.

Here is the shape that i got for a 1 x 6 grid.

Here is the shapes that i got for the 2 x 5 grid.

Challenge 3

Witch of the shapes can fold in to a cube.

Here are the eleven shapes i found.


Challenge 6

Challenge 7


My Passion Project

My Passion Project will be about motorbike riding. This is a huge passion of mine so I want amaze my class mates and show them the fun things you can do on a motorbike as well as the different types of terrain you can explore.

I will make a video using a video camera and Premiere Pro to demonstrate this. My target audience is people that want to try motorbike riding and want an awesome adventure. I am looking forward to sharing my hobby with my class mates and showing them the amazing things you can do on a motorbike.