Birke Baehr

Find out where your food comes from is what Birke said as he challenged the audience. Birke explained to us that you need to know where your food is coming from and that most supermarket foods have been saturated with chemicals. He also asked us if we were willing to pay that little bit extra for organic food or pay the hospital when you end up getting sick from chemical touched food.

Birke enhanced the story with humor and powerful pictures to match his story. He used too many hand gestures and needed to stick with one speed while talking to the audience.

To help get his story across to the audience he used a microphone to help his voice be projected throughout the theatre. He used images to make his story more understandable. I was wondering how the images changed throughout his story because he didn’t use a wireless presenter.

He used humor to get his audience’s attention and started up with a strong sentence to get his audience hooked. Birke Had very strong vocabulary such as disgusting that definitely strengthened his story.

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Richard Turere


Richard had one convincing message that was that there is always a second option. Take his story for example, his story was that when the lions were killing his town’s life stock the men and women started killing the lions. He grew up hating lions but still didn’t think it was right so one night he went outside with a torch and the lions didn’t come that night. Despite the other ideas he had tried, he pulled his mum’s new radio apart and other bits and bobs and experimented. His invention stopped the lions from killing the livestock and proved that there is always an alternative for violence.

Throughout his talk Richard kept the message clear and he added bits of humour and a serious tone when he needed to. He also had practiced very well and didn’t need any note to help him on stage. Richard used powerful images to help enhance his story.

Supporting him was images shown behind him that he controlled to match his speech with a wireless presentation clicker. His voice was projected throughout the TED talk with a microphone attached to his cheek.

Richard used a variety of techniques such as speaking seriously when a serious topic came about and adding humour to parts of the story where people would start to drift away. He used images to explain his story and to help explain his dialogue as English was his second language.

Thomas Suarez


The main message is that kids now want to make apps and that there is a whole new world of opportunities for children, teachers, and parents to create their own app.

Thomas also shared his story throughout finding software to help him produce his apps.

He got his message across to the audience via eye contact and language suitable for the audience age group.

He used a microphone that helped his voice be understood throughout the audience. He also used images to help enhance his story and he also had notes written down on his iPad that he rarely looked at.

Thomas used humor, eye contact and he spoke clearly to help get his story across well.

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