Yay! another Passion Project complete, I can’t believe how fast this term went. I have created all my findings into a book called KICK IT. I have experimented with the different techniques and have improved my kicking skills quite a lot and have been using my One Touch Football and am going to bring it to my presentation on Thursday. I have learnt how to create an efficient kicking pattern. I am going to take my knowledge into a game-day situation early next year as footy season has ended. Here is the front page of my book/slideshow……

Cuba RVE


We were asked to study a culture of our choice on a double page, there are four categories that we had to research, which are: Flag, Social behaviours, Religion and Customs/Traditions.

I have researched Cuba because I wanted to know more about the Cuban culture.

The differences that Cuba and Australia have are:

  • They speak Spanish and we speak English.
  • Their basic foods are rice and beans and ours are pork and beef.
  • They play American sports such as Baseball and we play NRL, AFL and Netball.
  • Their Christmas traditions are different to ours.

The similarities are:

  • We both have red, blue and white on our flags as well as stars.
  • We both have Christmas.
  • We both play Soccer.
  • Christmas is on the same date as ours (25th of December).

What I would find interesting:

  • The unique Cuban culture.
  • The different languages.
  • The varied foods.

What I would find challenging:

  • The heat all year round.
  • Understanding Spanish.
  • The different rules and customs.
  • Learning the different sports.



So far I have been experimenting with different kicking skills and handballing skills I have been very busy and have been spending hours after school practicing and getting hit in the face many times.

I have had my football coach help me with some tips and have tried multiple weird things like a blindfold and kicking on my left (my non-dominant foot).

I have been able to become more confident kicking on my left and getting the right technique so that I can consistently kick well even on game day.

The next step is taking my skills that I have learned with my One Touch and putting it into a game day situation or in this case some very early preseason because footy season has finished!

My Photo For some reason isn’t uploading of my iPad but I will try tomorrow!

The Lost Princess

The film we watched today was called “lost in the web”. It talked about how you need to protect your identity online.


Lucy didn’t protect her phone and while she wasn’t paying attention, bullies took her phone which had her passwords for her social accounts and emails so the bullies could make her life hard by posting negative things on her account and sending mean emails.

Lucy got teased and didn’t know how to stop this from happening and from what I saw, this happened for several days maybe months before she told her parents and her parents contacted the police, she could have told them earlier before it got serious.

Her parents contacted the police and she got a new password/account and learned that she should keep her password safe and log off her laptop or device when ever she leaves it around.

She should have logged of her accounts and her phone and put her phone in her pocket or in a harder spot for the bullies to find.

The message that I got out of it is to make sure you don’t leave unlocked devices lying around and to log off my laptop whenever I need to go somewhere so my siblings can’t get to it!




For this term’s passion project I am going to make a short film with me showing tips and tricks with my One Touch football. I would like to upskill myself to help me with my football. I am going to use a camera to film me practicing with my One Touch and a short interview. I am looking forward to having a play with what my footy can do and where I can use it.

DC Cartoons

Today in Digital citizenship we looked at humorous cartoons showing phone acdiction.

At first I found this quite funny and then I realised what the message was. What I found funny was the womans comment to the man and I imagined the woman with the phone strapped to her head.

The message I took away was that you need to get off your phone once in a while and actually socialise.

Now that I look at it, it’s not that funny because it shows the extreme technology addiction the man has and how his friend-girlfriend-wife-sister? has reacted to it. So i’m 50, 50.


This term’s passion project was a huge success for me.

Throughout the whole project, I have upskilled myself with my knowledge on sewing and I have also learned that organization is key.

If I was to continue, I would definitely produce probably 8 times the amount I have made this term, this would also require more knowledge on keeping track of the amounts and stock, I would also need to learn to produce product quicker.

Through this project, I have raised 337.50 thanks to everyone who purchased or donated.

I need to still hand in the money raised to Kids Plus and they want me to write for their blog.

I couldn’t have done this without my amazing Nanny Chris who assisted me with 50% of sales and 100% of the sewing.


Win At The Fair


L E S S O N   O N E

We started of this unit by testing the losing game board and we were asked to do 20 trials in a pair and then record our findings on the class tally, we didn’t make any profit, in fact, we had to pay out  386.40 dollars. If this was our first day on the job we’d definitely be fired! I believe this is the losing game board because the directions and amounts are not strategic and we didn’t make any profit. Here is the data Abby and I recorded. ^

T H E   P R O B L E M

We have to find a profitable game board that is enticing and people pay a dollar a game and when we find a good gameboard on Maths 300 we run it through a thousand trials. Here is one of my successful gameboards.

L E S S O N   T W O

We were asked to create at least two creative gameboards with add-ons such as black holes, go back and game over.  Here are the two Abby and I came up with.

With these boards, Abby and I focused on black holes that lead back to the start, we made it so that you could still get the 5 dollars so it’s still enticing.

L E S S O N   T H R E E

During lesson three we started to use a program called Maths 300 to make and experiment with game boards and then run them through 1,000 trials. At the start, I decided to put in one of my handwritten game boards in and ran 1,000 trials. Let’s say First Attempt ILearning.

P A R T   T W O *L3*

After looking at this data recorded from my handwritten one, I needed to think of a strategy! So I recorded the chance for each number on a grid and then put the unlikely numbers (2 + 12) leading to the high amount of money and all the more common one leading to lower amounts. Another strategy I came up with is, put a dollar everywhere and then I recorded the number of time the counter hit that spot.

^ you could also change the dice directions ^

M Y   E N D    R E S U L T

After using these strategies I have created a succesful game board that makes at least $300 profit. Here it is.

Digital citizenship



I think that Netiquette means that you should have manners online and on the internet. You should be respectful to everyone you come across while you are online, and treat them as you would face to face.



I think that Flame wars means that two or more people are having an online conversation and are being insulting or mean to each other. This might start with a misunderstood message because you don’t have the tone of your voice, your body language and facial expressions that you would in person.



I think that a troll is someone that posts or says mean, harmful things to purposefully cause trouble. A troll might be someone you know, but most likely it will be a stranger just wanting to disrupt the peace online.



I think anonymous means that it is secret, whether it is a person’s identity or an unknown item that you don’t know of. I usually think of it as a secret person.



I think communicating clearly online should be exactly the same as it is in person; One person directs a message at another person, and the person receiving the message thinks about it and/or reacts to it in the way the person that sent it intended for them to. This can go wrong by using ALL CAPSLOCK which makes it seem like you’re yelling. Also by having too much p?unc!!!!tuat…..ion??!!! can make it hard to interpret what the person is saying. Spelling words wrong can effect wat u r tring 2 sa.

I think permission means confirmation or an answer from the desired person. This may be a friend, your parents, or an adult. You will usually need this in case someone is unsure about what is safe for you, or too inappropriate for your age, or if you are unsure about whether someone would like you doing something including them.

O N C E   Y O U R   M E S S A G E   I S   O U T , I T ‘ S  O U T

I think that this saying means that once you click send, or post it is very unlikely that you will be able to take it back or delete it. Even if you can someone might have already seen it so you always have to THINK before you post or text.

With Poppy