Fays Nines

Fays Nines is where you have the digits 1-9 and you arrange them so that when they are in the grid they add up to 999. Like: 328, 495 and 176.

I already knew that there were 180 solutions so I thought what can I do with 9 numbers? I knew that 20 x 9 was 180 so I realised that each number gets 20 turns in the middle with the other 8 numbers rotating around it! 1 example for each number shown below.

I noticed a rule that applies to every solution: The units column has to add up to 19 for example 8,5,6 , the tens have to add up to 18 for example 2,9,7 and the hundreds have to add up to 8 for example 3,4,1. I also noticed carrying numbers plays a huge part in fays nines!

I broke this problem up by breaking up the units,tens and hundreds combinations and writing them down, I found that there are 5 unique combos for the units but 30 non unique as there are 6 ways you can re arrange a unique solution.  Here are all the combos I found.

I got to the stage of working out the solution which is: 6×6=36 x 5 = 180.

You get the 5 from the amount of unique solutions in the units and the first 6 from the amount of unique solutions from the tens and you get the other 6 from the amount of combinations within a unique combo.

It was challenging because I knew that there were 180 solutions but I was stuck trying to find a way to get there. I started with my 20 times in the middle theory but I still couldn’t find a way to explain it.




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For my passion project this term I am going to create a video interviewing my family about our recent trip to New Zealand with a small video showcasing the activities, highlights and some low lights. I am going to spend the term editing all my footage together on Adobe Premier Pro. My project is for […]


Yay! another Passion Project complete, I can’t believe how fast this term went. I have created all my findings into a book called KICK IT. I have experimented with the different techniques and have improved my kicking skills quite a lot and have been using my One Touch Football and am going to bring it to my presentation on Thursday. I have learnt how to create an efficient kicking pattern. I am going to take my knowledge into a game-day situation early next year as footy season has ended. Here is the front page of my book/slideshow……

Cuba RVE


We were asked to study a culture of our choice on a double page, there are four categories that we had to research, which are: Flag, Social behaviours, Religion and Customs/Traditions.

I have researched Cuba because I wanted to know more about the Cuban culture.

The differences that Cuba and Australia have are:

  • They speak Spanish and we speak English.
  • Their basic foods are rice and beans and ours are pork and beef.
  • They play American sports such as Baseball and we play NRL, AFL and Netball.
  • Their Christmas traditions are different to ours.

The similarities are:

  • We both have red, blue and white on our flags as well as stars.
  • We both have Christmas.
  • We both play Soccer.
  • Christmas is on the same date as ours (25th of December).

What I would find interesting:

  • The unique Cuban culture.
  • The different languages.
  • The varied foods.

What I would find challenging:

  • The heat all year round.
  • Understanding Spanish.
  • The different rules and customs.
  • Learning the different sports.



So far I have been experimenting with different kicking skills and handballing skills I have been very busy and have been spending hours after school practicing and getting hit in the face many times.

I have had my football coach help me with some tips and have tried multiple weird things like a blindfold and kicking on my left (my non-dominant foot).

I have been able to become more confident kicking on my left and getting the right technique so that I can consistently kick well even on game day.

The next step is taking my skills that I have learned with my One Touch and putting it into a game day situation or in this case some very early preseason because footy season has finished!

My Photo For some reason isn’t uploading of my iPad but I will try tomorrow!

The Lost Princess

The film we watched today was called “lost in the web”. It talked about how you need to protect your identity online.


Lucy didn’t protect her phone and while she wasn’t paying attention, bullies took her phone which had her passwords for her social accounts and emails so the bullies could make her life hard by posting negative things on her account and sending mean emails.

Lucy got teased and didn’t know how to stop this from happening and from what I saw, this happened for several days maybe months before she told her parents and her parents contacted the police, she could have told them earlier before it got serious.

Her parents contacted the police and she got a new password/account and learned that she should keep her password safe and log off her laptop or device when ever she leaves it around.

She should have logged of her accounts and her phone and put her phone in her pocket or in a harder spot for the bullies to find.

The message that I got out of it is to make sure you don’t leave unlocked devices lying around and to log off my laptop whenever I need to go somewhere so my siblings can’t get to it!




For this term’s passion project I am going to make a short film with me showing tips and tricks with my One Touch football. I would like to upskill myself to help me with my football. I am going to use a camera to film me practicing with my One Touch and a short interview. I am looking forward to having a play with what my footy can do and where I can use it.

DC Cartoons

Today in Digital citizenship we looked at humorous cartoons showing phone acdiction.

At first I found this quite funny and then I realised what the message was. What I found funny was the womans comment to the man and I imagined the woman with the phone strapped to her head.

The message I took away was that you need to get off your phone once in a while and actually socialise.

Now that I look at it, it’s not that funny because it shows the extreme technology addiction the man has and how his friend-girlfriend-wife-sister? has reacted to it. So i’m 50, 50.


This term’s passion project was a huge success for me.

Throughout the whole project, I have upskilled myself with my knowledge on sewing and I have also learned that organization is key.

If I was to continue, I would definitely produce probably 8 times the amount I have made this term, this would also require more knowledge on keeping track of the amounts and stock, I would also need to learn to produce product quicker.

Through this project, I have raised 337.50 thanks to everyone who purchased or donated.

I need to still hand in the money raised to Kids Plus and they want me to write for their blog.

I couldn’t have done this without my amazing Nanny Chris who assisted me with 50% of sales and 100% of the sewing.