Think Online

THINK before you post because it could be mean and it could it annoy someone

Is it true. If it is not true if it is not true it could hurt some one or it might ruin some ones life if it is bad a people believe it they might not get a job or get fired is it was really bad but if was some thing little it is still bad.

Is it helpful if it is not helpful then why should you post it to every one online but if it was like how is you day then send it to them.

Is it Inspiring this one sort of likeĀ  the other oneĀ  just send it to them.

Is it necessary if is not necessary then just don’t post it because no one cares and they will jet annoyed.

Is kind if it is not kind then don’t say it online at all and if you have to just say it to the in person but don’t make it that mean if it is that mean don’t say it at all.

Oher word’s are is it for H harmful for I is it important

By Will Solly

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