Thomas Suarez

Kids should learn how to make app’s there should be app clubs and have a place where they know where to go to make app’s. Some time kids know more the adults with technology and how fun it is to make games and a lot of kids would like to make games but they can’t because they don’t know how to.

With his story about making app’s and it was live at the time and asking teachers and teaching them how to make games so they could teach others.

He used a wireless mic son people can hear him his iPad on his arm so he could read it I he forgets the line or for prompts the screen behind see the him and a clicker in his hand so he can change the pitchers on the screen.

He was using humour changing the tone of his voce he was moving and using gestors  so we would keep our eyes on him and he was speaking loud so we could here him and know what he is saying  he was also using eye contact so we know that he is being series.

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