hover ball

on the fist day ben had a hover soccer that’s what were making so then we took it apart and sore  four parts the top side motor and ring and we 3D printed all parts the same size so we can put it on the motor .we did not use Arduino it was not at the shop and  we did not have enough tine to do it











the next day we 3D printed the top we learnt to make two circles so we can have a hole in the middle so the air can get through .we also decided to make soccer goals  so when the ball whet through the light would flash



I was away for this week  so this is what my friend ben did he managed to make the side bit and the ring and now were waiting for it to be 3D printed



today we got the ring and did the programming for the goal and next Friday we are getting the wood and panting it and we might get the top and side of the ball so I will glue the goals and ben will glue the ball together hopefully  it will be done on Monday





today we made the wood soccer goals it was really hard to drill the goals and put the nail in because I   know how drill in the nail but ben and sort of new how to we tried but then we had to get jack and he show us how to do one and then I worked it out. but the nails were to big and it cracked the wood so we got clamps 2what hold the wood and that holds the wood together but we still got 7 out of 8 cracked so we put PVE glue and put the glue in and cramped it together and that help a little bit then we drilled holes in it we had to get four different drill size other wise it would break the wood. once we did that we tried to make the crakes smaller so we got hot glue and we did not want it to be messy so I put the glue on the wood ben and swished the glue down with paper and scraped the littlie bits of but that sort of helped. so that was my day




today we got the top bit  and glued the top and ring together and now were what to get he side of the ball

today we finally got the humming bird program here is a snip of the program






today we spray panted the goals we had to have the can 15 centimetres away from the goal because if it wasn’t it would drip down and it would give a better colour and you don’t focus on one place other wise it would drip. we also the team red/team green the side with this it was difficult because we had to place the tape to make the letters and we had to press It really hard down so when we spay panted it  would not leek in but when it did it was m fist time doing it  and I focus on the r so little bits on the r did go through.On Friday we are going to be doing the presentation. we Finlay got the side bit but it was to short but it is half the size so we are getting another on 3D printed


today we got the ball to work and we stuck the bits together and now were finished. if we had more time we could of did of did Arduino but we had no time

The reason why we did this was because me and ben played with it at his   at his house and I wanted to recrated  it so we did

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