new technology

the fist thing we did was makey makey in makey makey we found out that the board was touch sensitive so with that we made a small scratch game. ones we did that we connoted a cord to a banana and play the  game using a banana. the way to connoted the board the computer using the USB an you go on scratch and program












the other thing we did was sphero that is like a ball whith a motor inside. There were there were two challengers to do they were both a thing were we had to stay inside two lines. when  we did that we did some jumps whith it







in bloxels we made a game with 30 levels I learnt what every block dose. to make the game you have to press the camera to scan the blocks it works best standing up. once if finished scanning you can play


green = grass

yellow = coin

blue= = water

orange = mining block

purple = power up

red = laver

white = checkpoint

I might be using this in term 4 and fill in all the space

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