EV3 box challenge

Today we had to do a challenge where you put the ev3 in the square with coloured paper around the edger’s and the ev3 had to go forwards then when it sees the coloured paper it will turn and do that again and again. I thought that was really hard   but then I did it in 45 minutes. If you look at the picture in the bottom right, that’s the  program to make  it work.  With the tick one,  I made it go at the speed of 20 because I did not want it to fall off the table if I failed. Then if it sees  green it will turn 1.5 rotations then goes forwards until it sees green, then do it again.  With the x it means if it dose not see green it will keep on going forwards. When I pressed  play it did not go, so then I thought when it sees green then turns  and go forwards what will it do  next . It would just stop because there is no repeat so then I added repeat and it worked.  I learnt that making this work is really easy I thought it was going to be like 15 blocks but it was only 7

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