up the top of the screen is a 40 centimetre  ruler. at 22 centimetres is one rotation and one full 360   

in the EV3 it was really challenging  because we did not know  what 1 meter was in rotations. First we did the forward and back 1 meter without turning. We did that in about 40 minutes but with the base ball challenge where we had to go around the diamond. That was hard because first the robot was not loading for 2 hours then we tried my computer and that would not load after ages. When we got it to load  we did not have enough time to finish


1) What did you notice? Differences/Similarities between seconds, degrees and rotations? Which was most accurate? Least accurate?



Seconds: means the wheel will spin for 1 second or if you change seconds  to 2 seconds  the wheel will spin for 2 second. if I change it to 4 seconds  but at the speed of 10 it will not go as fare as if it was at the speed of 100 and the seconds at 2 .




Degrees: means the robots wheel will turn the amount of degrees it will go, so if you change it to 180 It will only do a half turn. Or if you change the degrees to 360 the wheel will do a full turn




Rotations: means the wheel will spin one full turn and if you change it to 2 it will do 2 full turns. and one meter is 5.5 rotations. and that will go at the same destines if you change it to speed 20


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