lego wedo

In Lego “we do” we had to build four machines. The first one was the dancing bird, where the birds would spin around to music.  The second one was the smart spinner and that one spun around until you put your hand on the sensor. The third one was the airplane rescue. The propeller  would spin faster down and slower up because of  the motion sensor. in final one, we made a four wheel drive where all four wheel’s would spin at the same time, so if one of the wheels got stuck the other wheels would get it out. I worked out that four wheel drive is the best because it is not too heavy so it will go faster. I know this because I’ve tried a  five, six, seven, eight, nine,and ten wheel drive and they would get slower because it was too heavy. I tried to make the smallest  four wheel drive  that was the best one because it was light so  it had  lots of power and it was fast.


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